MOMMA WANTS… alphabet jewelry

On my wish list for the holidays is a diamond pave letter M earring in honor of my darling son Max.  I generally don’t wear big chunky fashion jewelry, I prefer personal jewelry that I wear every day and has special meaning to me.  My little one’s initial that will make me smile throughout the day (and is a to less painful than a tattoo).  Here are some of my favorite alphabet jewelry to pay homage to our loved ones while adding a bit of sparkle to our look.

jennifer meyer necklace net

Jennifer Meyer necklace $1800

lana jewelry nordstroms

Lana Jewelry necklace $500

jacquie aiche shop alphabet earring

Jacquie Aiche earring stud $55

bony levy earring nordstroms

Bony Levy diamons earring stud $395 (per stud)
*** to my husband

roberto coin necklace bloomies

Roberto Coin diamond letter charm necklace $580

zoe chicco initial ring neiman

Zoe Chicco stackable initial ring $150-380

Jennifer Zeuner initial bracelet bergdorf

Jennifer Zeuner initial bracelet $242 (this also comes as a ring for $209)

helen ficalora charm shop

Helen Ficalora initial charm $50 (this can be stacked on a necklace with additional letters)

gorjana bracelet

Gorjana braclet $60

jennifer meyer bracelet

Jennifer Meyer bracelet $995

roberto coin necklace nordstroms

Roberto Coin necklace $620

jacquie aiche ring

Jacquie Aiche ring $77

sarah chloe linked initial rings neiman

Sarah Chloe initial rings $149
*** obsessed with these – you can wear either on the same finger or across fingers – with little one’s initials!

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