MOMMA WANTS… the little bright dress

Okay, so I have a Roland Mouret dress in black. It is my go-to little black dress and with good reason.  NOBODY cuts like Roland Mouret…  when I put on that dress I feel like a million dollars.  I look like a million dollars.  It was THE dress that post baby made me believe I got my body back (and ladies, they say it takes 9 months to put it on, 9 months to take it off – it took me a year).  So, here are some beautiful bright numbers that make me smile and fantasize.  Will, I buy any of them, probably not – I’m going to have preschool to pay for in a few years.  But it’s something to aspire to, dream of and have on my wish list.  Trust me, you will see these pop up again in the upcoming months when I do pages on the best Holiday dresses because he’s always one of my favorites!


Roland Mouret dress $2550 available at


Roland Mouret dress $2285 available at


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