MOMMA WANTS… to watch out for watches


They’re very different but I love these watches! Talk about form and function!

I’m someone that’s always on time so I’ve always worn watches.  Years ago my husband (then boyfriend) gave me a rolex for Christmas which I absolutely love – its a men’s size so it has the practicality of time telling but feels like a pieces of jewelry.  This has always been my go-to but in recent years thanks to the iPhone and not wanting to scratch my baby with it I’ve worn it less and less… The the apple watches came out.  I am a sucker for all apple products so, of course I had to have it…  Yes it tells time, but I also love the fitness element, this watch was less about the fashion and all about the technology.  It also reignited my love for watches and for the first time I thought I should be posting about all the latest, greatest watches both for the fashion savvy and the tech lovers out there.  Check out my favorite watches and lets go back to using our phones for calls, texts and social media…


Rolex $3750

Apple I-watch

Apple I-watch $349

Kate Spade

Kate Spade $195

New Look

New Look $32


Hermes $3195


Shinola $525

Michael Kors

Michael Kors $395


Nixon $80


IWC $7110

Tory Burch

Tory Burch $895

Sara Designs

Sara Designs $372

New Balance sports watch

New Balance sports watch $34.99


Cartier $4995


Movado $595


Samsung smart watch

Samsung smart watch $299.99

La Mer collections

La Mer collections $84



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