MOMMMA LOVES… mommy and me beauty – cosmetics to enjoy with your little ladies

I have a boy. A beautiful boy that I love beyond words, comprehension or reason.  If I ever have another baby it will also be a boy.  We joke that my husband has yy chromosomes because he is one of 5 boys and all the boys have boys.  I love my little boy so much that I don’t mind that I’ll never get to shop on the pink side of the store (for one of my own anyway), I’ll never get to pass on all my fabulous shoes and bags, and I’ll never get to do all the fun beauty activities that my friends enjoy with their little girls.  None of the  manicures, make up training and skin care lessons I enjoyed with my mother.  I mean, Max does like to play with my makeup… And by play I mean try to eat, smash and grab. That’s okay, I can live vicariously through all of you moms out there with little ladies.  You guys can have all the fun and experiment with pink hair, sparkle polish and glitter under the guise of entertaining your daughters…  This isn’t big girl beauty – its more Katy Perry beauty – but its fun, fabulous and will build the most amazing memories for you and your little one.  So, I share with you the mommy and me beauty cosmetics that you can enjoy with your gorgeous girls.

hair chalk

Hair Chalk $25 – How fabulous is this! Fun, non permanent color for hair!

philosophy bubble bath beauty bar

Philosophy shower gel and bubble bath $18


anna sui nail polish

Anna Sui minnie mouse nail polish $16

strawberry shampoo kitson

Ice Cream Heads strawberry shampoo $12

sephora collection

Sephora collection makeup pallette $49.50
*** 130 different colors – perfect to glam you up for a night out or a playdate with you lovely lady.

hair extentions in colors

Hair Do Pop Strips $10 – easy to snap in hair extensions in various colors

ncla sparkle polish

NCLA sparkle polish $16

makeup forever diamond powder

Makeup Forever diamond powder glitter $25 (comes in various colors – you will find glitter everywhere forever)

cupcake lipgloss kitson

Toysmith pink cupcake lipgloss $4.95

nail polish pen beauty

LAQA & CO nail polish pen $14

hair feather kit

Shany 100pc hair feather kit $20

violent eyes glitter eye tattoos

Violent Eyes glitter eye tattoos $9.99

hairbands kitson

Cupcakes and Cartwheels 60 hair bands $8.95

makeup forever strass

Makeup Forever strass $21 (these are rhinestone appliqué that can be applied anywhere on the face for a bedazzling effect)

chalkboard manicure set

Ciate chalkboard nails $25 **comes with matte chalkboard polish, chalk pens to draw and top coat

blow monkey nail dryer

Blow Monkey nail dryer $10

caboodles makeup case

Caboodles makeup case $21.29 **remember this from when we were kids! Its new and improved!

fake tattoos

Tattley tattoo set $15

kotur make your own clutch

Kotur design your own clutch $595 *** now it may seem insane to spend this money on something you have to design yourself – but what a cute idea for the craft lovers our there!


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