MOMMA LOVES… the peasant blouse


Max and I in our peasant blouses… Max’s actually came from his Papou’s last trip to Greece!

The peasant blouse is both simple yet chic and beautiful.  There’s a nostalgia about it – a peasant blouse always take me back to my childhood when my mom would dress me in smocked dresses (which she would make herself) and little embroidered blouses which seemed to highlight my greek heritage…   There is a bohemian simplicity to the look which allows it to be referential yet still very modern.  The peasant blouse will always be popular among women and children because its comfortable, sweet and feminine without being overly fussy.  Its timeless and while it may have been what my Greek ancestors wore on a little island over a hundred years ago, it is also what I wear today.  Whether I’m running errands or going out for dinner – its universal appeal has never wavered.  You really can’t tell whether a peasant blouse was bought from Barneys or on the side of a road in Spain.  In fact, you will find that a lot of designers who feature a peasant blouse in their collections were inspired from their travels.  Its funny to think back to the peasant blouses of my childhood and see that those tops are still as ever present in the kids market today.  I love the boho baby look an the peasant blouse is the easiest way to accomplish the look.  Of course, for little boys, it may be more about the fabric, the fit or overall feel – clearly there is not a huge market for boys blouses, but check out some of my favorite peasant blouses for us and our mini-me’s!

First the peasant blouse for us:

Love Sam top

Love Sam top $145

Jen's Pirate Booty blouse

Jen’s Pirate Booty blouse $72

forever 21 peasant top

Forever 21 top $19.80

Joe's Jeans tunic

Joe’s Jeans tunic $178

Free People blouse

Free People blouse $83

anthropologie top

Anthropologie top $148

forever21 top

Forever 21 top $22.80

Isabel Marant blouse

Isabel Marant blouse $635

free people top

Free People to $98

Sanctuary top

Sanctuary top $109

Forever 21 blouse

Forever 21 blouse $22.80

Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent top

Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent top $288

Jen's Pirate booty top

Jen’s Pirate Booty top $121

Free People peasant blouse

Free People top $98

Lucky Brand top

Lucky Brand top $59.50

joie blouse

Joie blouse $214

free people pullover

Free People top $168

For our little ladies:

J crew girls top

J Crew peasant top $59.50

OshKosh Bgosh top

OshKosh B’Gosh tunic $15.40

mini boden top

Mini Boden top $38


Gap top $26.95

peek top

Peek top $48

Ralph Lauren top

Ralph Lauren top $39.50


Old Navy top $12


Gap top $26.95

nili lotan new generation top

Nili Lotan New Generation top $84

Carter's top

Carter’s top $14

ralph lauren blouse

Ralph Lauren blouse $45

first impressions peasant tops

First Impressions peasant top $14.99

mini boden baby top

Mini Boden top $28

peek baby top

Peek top $34

And boho tops for our little boys…

Marie Chantal shirt

Marie Chantal shirt $106


Gap henley $18.95

zara top

Zara shirt $25.90


Old Navy henley $10

J Crew top

J Crew top $48


Gap henley bodysuit $10.46

Tartine et Chocolat top

Tartine et Chocolat top $92

jacadi outfit

Jacadi outfit $82

zara shirt

Zara shirt $19.90

peek boys shirt

Peek shirt $16.98

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