MOMMA WANTS… peter pilotto for target (fab fashion for less!)

peter pilotto for target

Peter Pilotto for Target is in stores, on line and ready for purchase now! Run, don’t walk!

As I mentioned on Friday, the Peter Pilotto for Target collaboration has arrived!  Fabulous high fashion in the most exquisite prints are available for us at a fraction of the price.  Seriously, get it now before it sells out and will only be available on ebay for 5 times the price!  Peter Pilotto are an amazing design duo out of London who are all about incredible cuts and incredible prints, and usually sells from just under $1k and up…  Peter Pilotto’s collaboration with Target has been the talk of the fashion world and every editor, blogger and stylist have been fighting to get their hands on these items…  Every piece is gorgeous and, wait for it, under $100 – most of it under $50!  Check out some of my favorite pieces from the Peter Pilotto for Target collection – and click on any picture to take you there and shop away!!!

peter pilotto for Target

Peter Pilotto dress $49.99

peter pilotto skirt

Peter Pilotto skirt $34.99

peter pilotto for target top

Peter Pilotto  top $29.99

Peter Pilotto for T skirt

Peter Pilotto skirt $34.99

Peter Pilotto sweatshirt

Peter Pilotto for Target sweatshirt $29.99

peter pilotto tote bag

Peter Pilotto  tote bag $39.99

PEter P dress

Peter Pilotto for Target dress $29.99

peter pilotto pencil skirt

Peter Pilotto for Target skirt $34.99

peter pilotto for t dress

Peter Pilotto for Target dress $44.99

Peter Pilotto tank

Peter Pilotto for Target tank top $24.99

 peter pilotto slip ons

Peter Pilotto slip-ons $29.99

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