MOMMA LOVES… relaxed rocker tees


Guns N Roses and Mick Jagger baby! It’s only rock and roll but we like it!

As a mom and a stylist jeans are part of my uniform as they are equal parts cool and comfortable and one of my favorite things to put with them are rocker tees.  Something with a soft vintage feel that gives an effortless yet stylish look.  I’m not saying some oversized concert tee – these rocker tees are fitted yet slouchy, worn but still fresh.  Dolce & Gabbana often include a nod to the great Hollywood and rock n’roll legends on their t-shirts (James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Mick Jagger) and that fashion but not fashion look is often the perfect pairing with your favorite pair of jeans.  I have featured these rocker tees for our little ones in the past – and it’s still one of my favorite looks.  My little Max in a Ramones, Beatles or Sex Pistols tee feels sweet, ironic and always fun.  The fact that he has no idea who these bands are yet will soon enough…  These rocker tees don’t have to be literal – its not necessarily even about the band – they could feature a designer, actor or just a general vibe that these t-shirts give off.  They are a fantastic alternative to simple white tees when you want something super casual, yet cool and different.  Check out some of my favorite rocker tees for both us and our little ones!

First some great rocker tees for us:

Maje David Bowie tee

Maje David Bowie tee $155

Pink Floyd tank

Pink Floyd tank $60

Forever 21 tee

Forever 21 tee $17.80

Current/Elliott tee

Current/Elliott tee $102.40

Chaser Blondie tee

Chaser Blondie tee $62

Topshop tee

Topshop tee $50

Eleven Paris tee

Eleven Paris tee $44

Dolce and Gabbana tee

Dolce and Gabbana tee $345

Daydreamer Mick Jagger tee

Daydreamer Mick Jagger tee $79

Chaser Sting tee

Chaser Sting tee $61

Junk Food tee

Junk Food tee $34

Karl Lagerfeld tee

Karl Lagerfeld tee $110

Eleven Paris Biggie tee

Eleven Paris Biggie tee $62

Forever 21 Bob Marley tee

Forever 21 Bob Marley tee $17.80

Alexander McQueen tee

Alexander McQueen tee $295

Electric Circus tee

Electric Circus tee $34

Dolly Parton tee

Dolly Parton tee $34

And for our little ones:

Zara beatles tee

Zara beatles tee $16.90

Chaser tee

Chaser tee $28

H&M tee

H&M tee $9.95

Junk Food tee

Junk Food tee $28

Eleven Paris t-shirt dress

Eleven Paris t-shirt dress $48


Johnny Cash onesie $18.95

Ramones onesie

Ramones onesie $24.95

Rowdy Sprouts tee

Rowdy Sprouts tee $38

Rowdy Sprouts tee

Rowdy Sprouts tee $38

Bob Marley onesie

Bob Marley onesie $19.95

Beatles onesie

Beatles onesie $17.95

Guns N Roses tee

Guns N Roses tee $17.95

John Lennon tee

John Lennon tee $18.95


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