RUNWAY REINVENTED… bambi gets high fashion

Designers find inspiration from many places…  The designer’s own archives, street style, movies, art and often their own childhoods.  Givenchy designer, Ricardo Tisci, often uses graphic prints in his designs which sets the fashion world on fire and sends fashion editors and celebrities alike clamoring to get his latest “it” piece.  His growling rotteweiler print tops sold out immediately when they came out years ago and inspired countless knock offs.  Well, for his Fall/Winter collection he sent out a new print inspired from his youth – a bambi print fused with the image of a lady.  Once again celebrities and the fashion elite went nuts over the look and it has already been photographed on countless celebrities and been featured in every magazine that could get their hands on it.   Furthermore, Kim Kardashian instagrammed a picture of a miniature version of the top which Tisci (longtime friend and collaborator of Kanye West) sent for baby Noth.  So, once again we have the age old circle of fashion of who inspires who… Perhaps our children might be more stylish than we are – setting trends before they even become trends…  Here are the Givenchy pieces that have hit stores and some options for our little ones to keep up with the trend (before they start setting the next ones)…

Givenchy bambi sweatshirt

Givench sweatshirt $1219.05

givenchy bambi sweatshirt

Givenchy sweatshirt $1375 WAS available at ***SOLD OUT

givenchy bambi t-shirt

Givenchy bambi t-shirt $653.12

bambi clutch Givenchy

Givenchy clutch $2340 available at

Bambi kids tshirt H&M

H&M t-shirt $9.95 available at

bambi tshirt Zara kids

Zara t-shirt $17.90 available at

And, while its not the bambi print, here is another Givenchy combination print top that actually IS still available to buy (for now) and a few other inspired ways for us to get the look…

givenchy print tee

Givenchy t-shirt $570 available at

printed sweatshirt Zara

Zara sweatshirt $59.90 available at

Zara combination print sweatshirt

Zara sweatshirt $35.90 available at

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