MOMMA WANTS… these Sophia Webster shoes!

Sophia Webster shoes

Theses new Sophia Webster shoes are making my heart go pitter patter!

I have made no secrets about my love for Sophia Webster shoes…  My butterfly shoes put a smile on my face every time I walk into my closet… In fact, when I wear them I get stopped every few minutes so that women (and men) can ask me about them, fawn over them and even take their picture… My Sophia Webster’s are quite the celebrity in these parts…  Well, these new Sophia Webster shoes have caught my attention and I am completely fixated!  They are stunning, innovative, metallic, neon – you know everything I could possibly want in a shoe…  These shoes ARE the outfit – jeans and a white tee transformed, your old little black dress brought to life… They are style changers…  I just had to share these with you because, well, if I can’t have them (and believe me – I want them – in a size 39 thank you), someone should!!!

Sophia Webster shoe

Sophia Webster shoes $690

Sophia Webster - the closeup

Sophia Webster shoe close up (still $690)

Sophia Webster shoes

and from behind… the walk away moment..


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