MOMMA KNOWS… star prints are haute!


This is my little star… I love wearing a good start print and so does he!

So, last week I talked about hearts but this week I need to address the fabulosity that are star prints.  There’s definitely been a bit of galactic inspiration both in women’s fashion and, of course kidswear lately.  As I sit here my little Max is singling twinkle twinkle little star, holding a wand and dressed in head to toe stars down to his wellie boots and I want to join the star print party.  There’s a beautiful whimsy to stars and they walks the line of being both cool and sweet.  The great pattern in the sky always serves as inspiration both in life and art so it’s no surprise that star prints should emerge as a favorite among that fashion set.  The Saint Laurent collections have been full of star prints in recent season so I’m thinking it might be time to incorporate it into my wardrobe too.  So as my little one points up in to the sky shouting “Star! Star!”  I feel the urge to find some printed pieces myself.  Bags, shoes, clothes – these star prints are always fabulous and it’s time to add some twinkle to my look.

Stella McCarney bag

Stella McCarney bag $1545

Chinti and Parker sweater

Chinti and Parker sweater $465

Kate spade pumps

Kate spade pumps $350

Torn by Ronny Kobo skirt

Torn by Ronny Kobo skirt $165.60

Gorjana necklace

Gorjana necklace $80

Marc Jacobs sweatshirt

Marc Jacobs sweatshirt $1100

Alice + Olivia booties

Alice + Olivia booties $395

Diane von Furstenberg dress

Diane von Furstenberg dress $276

Current Elliott jeans

Current Elliott jeans $218

Monrow sweatshirt

Monrow sweatshirt $87.60

Saint Laurent dress

Saint Laurent dress $1690

Saint Laurent skirt

Saint Laurent skirt $990

Givenchy cuff

Givenchy cuff $530

Equipment blouse

Equipment blouse $250

Central Park West sweater

Central Park West sweater $129

Zoe Karssen sweatpants

Zoe Karssen sweatpants $102

Saint Laurent boots

Saint Laurent boots $1495

Eva Franco dress

Eva Franco dress $350

Jennifer Meyer Jewelry earrings

Jennifer Meyer Jewelry earrings $275

Alythea cardigan

Alythea cardigan $54.60

Some fun star prints for our little ones:

Aqua cashmere sweater

Aqua cashmere sweater $99

Mini Boden sweatshirt

Mini Boden sweatshirt $60

J Crew cardigan

J Crew cardigan $54.99

Nununu pants

Nununu pants $50.15

Mini Boden dress

Mini Boden dress $44

Hatley raincoat

Hatley raincoat $51.95

Converse sneakers

Converse sneakers $44.95

Hatley rain boots

Hatley rain boots $38.95

Mini Boden skirt

Mini Boden skirt $32

Mini Boden pants

Mini Boden pants $32

And of course, star prints for our littlest ones:

Gucci dress

Gucci dress $281

Nununu hoodie

Nununu hoodie $65.45

Ocra shoes

Ocra shoes $69

Mini Boden surf suit

Mini Boden surf suit $42

Peek pants

Peek pants $32

Nununu onesie

Nununu onesie $40

J Crew cashmere sweater

J Crew cashmere sweater $145

Molo pants

Molo pants $38.95

Gap sweater dress

Gap sweater dress $28.99

Gap cardigan

Gap cardigan $25.99

Zara scarf

Zara scarf $12.90

Zara tee

Zara tee $17.90


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