MOMMA NEEDS… super stylin’ storage solutions


Max unloading our new storage bench – ummm, it’s there to hide the mess dude!

Once again we have been inundated with stuff and desperately in need of storage solutions.  Short of renting out actual space I have once again been on the hunt for chic furniture that looks great but can also hide the clutter.  I am so grateful for all the amazing gifts from the holidays but, of course, it is twofold…  We have amazing fun new toys (and accessories) but nowhere to put them.  I was actually a bit forward thinking this year and actually asked for a fabulous storage bench) as one of my gifts and it has already swallowed up tons of Max’s bits and pieces while also giving me a comfy place to sit!  Check out some of my favorite stylish storage solutions and tick on of your new year resolutions (to keep the place tidy) off your list!!

Secret storage mirror

Secret storage mirror $1699

Zimmer trunk

Zimmer trunk $699

Tundra wall cubby

Tundra wall cubby $498

Trheshold storage ottoman

Trheshold storage ottoman $89.99

Storage bed

Storage bed $1799

West Elm coffee table

West Elm coffee table $549 – $699

Ludlow side table

Ludlow side table $499

Skyline storage bench

Skyline storage bench $275.99

vintage storage lockers

vintage storage lockers $2495

Hokku storage chaise

Hokku storage chaise $550

Kayla shoe strorage ottoman

Kayla shoe strorage ottoman $259


Orbit storage module

Orbit storage module $109

Loraine tufted storage bench

Loraine tufted storage bench $799

Safavieh side table

Safavieh side table $399.99

Hokku coffee table

Hokku coffee table $235

Safavieh storage ottoman

Safavieh storage ottoman $159

And some storage solutions for our little ones:

Enchanted Home storage dog sofa

Enchanted Home storage dog sofa $70 (mind. blown.)

Pottery Barn storage bins

Pottery Barn storage bins $16 – $47

Comfy Kings storage bench

Comfy Kings storage bench $138.99

Pottery Barn dollhouse bookcase

Pottery Barn dollhouse bookcase $499

Firehouse bookcase

Firehouse bookcase $97.99

Step 2 Lift and Roll toy box

Step 2 Lift and Roll toy box $37.99


3 Sprouts storage box

3 Sprouts storage box $17

RCPH storage bricks (set of 4)

RCPH storage bricks (set of 4) $60

Guidecraft princess toy box

Guidecraft princess toy box $157.99

Disney toy box

Disney toy box $79.99



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