MATERNITY MONDAY… summer maternity clothes

It may not be hot hot hot where you are but here in LA we’re already in the 90′s and my poor expectant friends are desperate for some summer maternity clothes to get them through the next few months.  Being pregnant can be super uncomfortable whether it’s morning sickness and fatigue in the first trimester or swollen everything and acid reflux in the 3rd trimester so when the weather gets hot it can be absolutely miserable…  Having great summer maternity clothes is essential for expectant moms because it allows them one less discomfort.  Sure, sandals are a relief for those swollen feet but styling the bump for the office, a summer wedding or just running around town can make you want to lock yourself up in an air conditioned room.  This week I’ll show you great summer maternity clothes that will tick all your warm weather needs and keep you stylishly comfortable in the months ahead!

summer maternity clothes

Asos maternity dress $103.48

Topshop maternity tee

Topshop maternity tee $64


Asos maternity shorts $37.63

summer maternity clothes

New Look maternity dress $28.20

Topshop maternity overalls

Topshop maternity overalls $96


Gap maternity tank $14.95

Olian maternity maxi dress

Olian maternity maxi dress $184


Old Navy maternity shirt $24.94

H&M maternity shorts

H&M maternity shorts $24.95


Asos maternity dress $56.44


Asos maternity top $47.04


Asos maternity trousers $47.04

Lilac Clothing maternity dress

Lilac Clothing maternity dress $92

Eva Alexander maternity shirt

Eva Alexander maternity shirt $110

summer maternity clothes

New Look denim maternity skirt $37.61


Little Mistress maternity dress $131.70


Asos maternity camisole $33.87


Old Navy skirt $28


Asos maternity maxi dress $84.66


Asos maternity dress $65.85


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