MOMMA LOVES… the union jack print – it not just for the royals!

Okay, yes, my husband is English and my grandmother is english, which makes my son more English than anything else – but I just happen to love the union jack print.  For those unfamiliar with “union jack” it’s the British flag but also a long time symbol for everything from the punk movement to the monarchy and it is a print that transcends British pride and has become a part of our pop culture.  No other flag has been used so often and in so many ways as the union jack.  Countless artists, musicians, fashion designers and even furniture designers have used the british flag to represent everything from anarchy to just great aesthetic design.  We can see it used in fashion at the highest end by designers such as Alexander Mcqueen as well as in less expensive labels and children’s lines.  My darling Max has been wearing his union jack printed clothes from the moment he was born (of course he was born when the UK was hosting the Olympics so you can imagine the amount of onesies, pjs and various other union jack souvenirs we were gifted) but has continued to rock the design.  I myself am obsessed with my Alexander Mcqueen spiked union jack clutch (which I have featured here in a past post) as well as my Zara tees emblazoned with the flag.  Why not salute the birth place of the Rolling Stones and the Sex Pistols as well as Kates Moss and Middleton!  So, here are some of my favorite union jack inspired items that will give you that effortlessly cool look whilst keeping that stiff upper lip!

First for us:

Union Jack top Givenchy

Givenchy union jack t-shirt $295

union jack clutch skull clasp Alexander mcqueen

Alexander Mcqueen union jack clutch $1695 available at
*** this comes in varying colors and textures – I have the black with silver spikes version of this

union jack sweater Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal sweater $78 available at

Union jack cashmere sweater Lucien Pellat Finet

Lucien Pellat Finet cashmere sweater $2290 available at

Union Jack Converse sneakers

Converse sneakers $90 available at

union Jack tank top Forever 21

Forever 21 tank $51.80 available at

union Jack scarf Alexander Mcqueen

Alexander Mcqueen union jack scarf $636.16

Union jack tee Zara

Zara t-shirt $25.90 available at

union jack bag Vanessa Bruno

Vanessa Bruno bag $334.80 available at

And for the little ones:

union jack baby shoes converse

Converse shoes $19.99 available at

union jack london fashion sweatshirt forever 21

Forever 21 sweatshirt $17.80 available at

union jack kids tshirt capital k

Kapital K $28 available at

union jack sweatpants happiness

Happiness sweatpants $68 available at

london union jack old navy

Old Navy t-shirt $8.94 available at

union jack sweatshirt boys Zara

Zara sweatshirt $29.90 available at

Wellie boots union jack Hunter

Hunter wellies $95 available at

union jack sweatshirt Macy's Guess

Guess sweatshirt $46.50 available at


Rowdy Sprout t-shirt $42 available at

union jack t-shirt zara kids

Zara t-shirt $16.90 available at

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