MATERNITY MONDAY… pretty pregnancy fashion

So you’ve got a bun in the oven and it’s time to look for some pretty pregnancy fashion, you’ve come to the right place.  My Maternity Monday is all about finding the best maternity fashion for you to style that beautiful bump.  A lot of women feel lost when it comes to dressing for your ever growing mid section.  The key is to look for pretty pregnancy fashion that’s both comfortable yet stylish.  Nothing over the top or fussy, but still within the aesthetic you kept to when you weren’t expecting.  Finding pretty pregnancy fashion is a lot easier than it used to be because designer have decided to cater to the market with, not only great style but also affordable prices (because who wants to spend the big money on things that you will only wear for a limited time). So check out my favorite pretty pregnancy fashion to get you through these nine months in elegance and ease.

Asos maternity dress

Asos maternity dress $51

H&M maternity blouse

H&M maternity blouse $24.95

Topshop maternity overalls

Topshop maternity overalls $70

H&M maternity dress

H&M maternity dress $29.95

Olian maternity blouse

Olian maternity blouse $108

H&M jeans

H&M jeans $39.95

Topshop maternity dress

Topshop maternity dress $80

A Pea in the Pod top

A Pea in the Pod top $48

James Jeans maternity jeans

James Jeans maternity jeans $150

H&M dress

H&M dress $39.99

Topshop maternity blouse

Topshop maternity blouse $60

Topshop maternity jeans

Topshop maternity jeans $68

Olian maternity dress

Olian maternity dress $138

Topshop maternity cami

Topshop maternity cami $30

Pink Blush maternity maxi skirt

Pink Blush maternity maxi skirt $138

Topshop maternity dress

Topshop maternity dress $52

MOMMA LOVES… summer white


Soak in the last bit of summer with some fabulous whites!

Today I am wearing what I call summer white – a simple chiffon blouse with a blazer both in a shade of white that’s lighter than cream and my husband made the comment that he thought I looked beautiful in white.  Well, that was enough of a reason for me to turn my attention to the official non color of summer.  With August fast approaching its time to get in all that gorgeous summer white while you can!  I personally am also a fan of winter white, so fear not – this is not a short term investment but people just tend to wear it more during the warmer months…  Gorgeous summer white feels fresh and clean and illuminates your skin, all while keeping you cool in the heat.  Yes, we may need to clean it some more so invest in some oxiclean and rest in the fact that at least it’s not a color that can fade…  So check out my favorite summer white pieces and soak in the sun (but not too much heat) while the summer is still in full force!

Antonio Berardi dress

Antonio Berardi dress $1625

Tularosa dress

Tularosa dress $260

For Love and Lemons dress

For Love and Lemons dress $189

Topshop dress

Topshop dress $68

Stella McCartney top

Stella McCartney top $600

Ramy Brook blouse

Ramy Brook blouse $345

Love Sam top

Love Sam top $141

Forever 21 blouse

Forever 21 blouse $22.90

Dion Lee skirt

Dion Lee skirt $1100

Alexis pants

Alexis pants $385

Elizabeth and James skirt

Elizabeth and James skirt $295

River Island culottes

River Island culottes $64

Chloe blazer

Chloe blazer $2650

Rag & Bone blazer

Rag & Bone blazer $550

Vince blazer

Vince blazer $445

Re:named cape/blazer

Re:named cape/blazer $72

MATERNITY MONDAY… the best maternity clothes

Pregnancy doesn’t mean the end of style, it just means a hunt for the best maternity clothes that make you feel chic and comfortable.  Dont try squeezing into you  normal clothes (the ones without stretch anyway) – that always looks way to constrictive and tragic…  Just embrace your belly evolution and I can help you find some of the best maternity style on the market.  Retailers these days understand that expecting a baby doesn’t mean your stop expecting great fashion and so they’re are so many incredible, trend driven options available.  In fact, maybe this is the time to experiment with trends more since they generally only last about 9 months and you’ll only be pregnant for that amount of time…  Do NOT go spending big money on this stuff but DO go for things you like and can feel like yourself in.  Check out the best maternity options for all you super stylish expectant mom’s out there who want to look and feel great throughout pregnancy (and beyond).

Asos maternity dress

Asos maternity dress $51

Topshop cami

Topshop cami $30

Topshop maternity skirt

Topshop maternity skirt $45

Topshop maternity dress

Topshop maternity dress $50

Olian maternity tank

Olian maternity tank $98

Asos maternity pants

Asos maternity pants $50

Asos maternity dress

Asos maternity dress $51

Topshop maternity tee

Topshop maternity tee $30

Topshop maternity overalls

Topshop maternity overalls $90

Club L maternity dress

Club L maternity dress $64

Asos maternity tee

Asos maternity tee $37

J Brand maternity jeans

J Brand maternity jeans $185

Asos maternity dress

Asos maternity dress $82

Topshop maternity blouse

Topshop maternity blouse $60

James Jeans maternity jeans

James Jeans maternity jeans $150

Asos maternity dress

Asos maternity dress $81


MOMMA LOVES… sexy off the shoulder style


Show some skin without giving it all away with some sexy off the shoulder options.

Eh, it’s summer time, some off the shoulder action is the perfect amount of skin to look and feel sexy without feeling over exposed.  Everything from casual day blouses to a sexy dress for a night out on the town looks better with a bit of a bare shoulder.  Not everyone feels comfortable being overtly sexy with exposing cleavage or the popular mid riff  so opting for something that’s off the shoulder gives just the right amount of skin without giving it all away.  This is the perfect summer look for a great bbq with friends, that August vacation you have planned or even just relaxing at the park – its super sexy with an air of relaxation.  Check out my favorite off the shoulder looks that you can embrace with confidence and style while the hot weather is still with us!

Hanley dress

Hanley dress $2090

Alice & Olivia dress

Alice & Olivia dress $370

Rebecca Minkoff top

Rebecca Minkoff top $198

Topshop romper

Topshop romper $68

Tamara Mellon top - off the shoulder

Tamara Mellon top $495

Tibi dress

Tiwi dress $350

Lovers and Friends dress

Lovers and Friends dress $180

C&C California top

C&C California top $98

Christopher Kane dress

Christopher Kane dress $1220

Piamita romper

Piamita romper $414

Issa sweater

Issa sweater $350

Wayf dress

Way dress $88

Diane von Furstenberg dress

Diane von Furstenberg dress $468

Caroline Constas top

Caroline Constas top $398

Line & Dot dress

Line & Dot dress $165

Forever 21 dress

Forever 21 dress $24.90

MOMMA LOVES… 60s prints


A great poppy 60′s style print is always a great pattern to incorporate into your wardrobe!

I’m a huge fan of fun patterns and 60s prints are always a fun one to experiment with.  The 60s were an era of exploration, experimentation, love and free spirit so these are the pop prints our mom’s wore and that we have, probably, been drawn to most of our lives.  There are definitely times when 60s prints are more on trend than others but, quite frankly, they never really go away.  Pucci, after all, has built an empire on the retro style.  The key to not looking like you’re not dressing up for a themed costume day is to translate these 60s prints in a more modern way.  Perhaps it’s in the cut or silhouette or the way it’s paired but the best rule of thumb is if you’re going to wear something 60s don’t go head to toe with the theme.  Check out my favorite 60s print style and have fun with your fashion (and look fab too).

M Missoni dress

M Missoni dress $730

Vintage Adolfo top

Vintage Adolfo top $268

Topshop trench coat

Topshop trench coat $150

Lola May skirt

Lola May skirt $40

Emilio Pucci dress

Emilio Pucci dress $1765

Boutique Moschino pants

Boutique Moschino pants $425

Vintage Aini dress

Vintage Aini dress $258

Zara skirt

Zara skirt $29.99

Missoni pants

Missoni pants $1270


Diane von Furstenberg top

Diane von Furstenberg top $298

Vintage dress

Vintage dress $198

Topshop top

Topshop top $65

Emilio Pucci top

Emilio Pucci top $1210

Carven skirt

Carven skirt $420

Free People dress

Free People dress $128

Zara dress

Zara dress $29.99



MATERNITY MONDAY….fabulous fashionable pregnancy

Want to achieve a fashionable pregnancy?  It’s not as hard as you might think, but it is ALL about finding those super stylish maternity clothes that accommodate the bump as well as your personal style.  A fabulous fashionable pregnancy includes everything from floral print to body conscious dresses – the only rule in maternity is don’t be uncomfortable.  Go for things with stretch and volume but stick to the pieces that you would ordinarily gravitate towards without a bun in your oven – after all, you’re still you – there’s just more of you.  Check out my favorite maternity options for a fashionable pregnancy that will scratch your style itch and celebrate your beautiful baby bump!

Asos maternity dress

Asos maternity dress $50

Topshop  maternity top

Topshop maternity top $60

Topshop maternity jeans

Topshop maternity jeans $68

Asos maternity/nursing dress $64

Asos maternity/nursing dress $64

Asos jumpsuit

Asos jumpsuit $54

Topshop maternity dress

Topshop maternity dress $40

Asos maternity top

Asos maternity top $37

Olian maternity shorts

Olian maternity shorts $88

Asos maternity dress

Asos maternity dress $63

Topshop maternity camisole

Topshop maternity camisole $55

Asos maternity jeans

Asos maternity jeans $55

Tart maternity dress

Tart maternity dress $176

Lilac maternity/nursing top

Lilac maternity/nursing top $88

Gap maternity skirt

Gap maternity skirt $59.95

Asos maternity dress

Asos maternity dress $69

Asos maternity dress

Asos maternity dress $46


MOMMA’S UNDER $100…. super stylish savings


Go on, take a look and see what’s under $100 this week…

One of my favorite things to search for are super stylish savings that give me best fashions for a great price.  It’s putting together entire outfits where everything piece is under $100.  This is a modern era and even style icons like Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama know the importance of mixing high and low – so there’s great clout in those stylish savings.  Fabulous pieces that carry the all important shock value of their incredibly low price tags.  Affordable fashion is the new new – stylish savings are on trend and sure to get all of your friends asking where you go that…  It’s true, you truly can have your cake and afford it too! Check out my favorite stylish savings of the week and enjoy being frugal, fashionable and fabulous.

Forever 21 dress

Forever 21 dress $44.90

Moon and Star earring and cuff set

Moon and Star earring and cuff set $20

Asos shoes

Asos shoes $73

Skinny Dip London bag

Skinny Dip London bag $65

Forever 21 top

Forever 21 top $17.90

Asos skirt

Asos skirt $46

Juliet & Co necklace

Juliet & Co necklace $77

Charles by Charles David pumps

Charles by Charles David pumps $98.95

Zara bag

Zara bag $59.99

Vila camisole

Vila camisole $51

Forever 21 shorts

Forever 21 shorts $32.90

Rebecca Minkoff cuff

Rebecca Minkoff cuff $98

Zara sandals

Zara sandals $19.99

Nasty Gal bag

Nasty Gal bag $68

Topshop playsuit

Topshop playsuit $90

Rue Gembon earrings

Rue Gembon earrings $42

Steve Madden sandals

Steve Madden sandals $79.95

Forever 21 bag

Forever 21 bag $22.90

Asos dress

Asos dress $57

Adia Kibur necklace

Adia Kibur necklace $47.50

Daisy Street shoes

Daisy Street shoes $51

Big Buddha bag

Big Buddha bag $65



MOMMA WANTS… summer knits


Great summer knits and light, breathable and the perfect outer layer for when the sun goes down.

The thought of summer knits may seem counter intuitive but what better way to buy things now that you can layer and wear later too!  Summer stock is vanishing quickly so it’s time to start thinking about those transitional pieces that get us from season to season.  Perfect summer knits can be supper light weight, open weave or translate into sexier cuts and silhouettes but there’s no question – they’re fabulous.  When the nights get cooler there is nothing better to throw on that something that gives us that extra layer without adding bulk or taking away from our great summer look.  This isn’t an outerwear kind of season, but it’s just perfect for some great summer knits.  Light sexy sweaters are always in style and always a great addition to any wardrobe.  Check out my favorite summer knits to transition your from summer to fall in light sexy style.

Chloe sweater

Chloe sweater $1060

By Malene Berger top

By Malene Berger top $345

Splendid cardigan

Splendid cardigan $198

Blend sweater

Blend sweater $63

Etro cardigan

Etro cardigan $1500

Rag & Bone beach hoodie

Rag & Bone beach hoodie $450

Diane von Furstenberg ballerina sweater

Diane von Furstenberg ballerina sweater $298

Nasty Gal sweater

Nasty Gal sweater $48

Alexander McQueen sweater

Alexander McQueen sweater $1355

Vince sweater

Vince sweater $365

Vince sweater

Vince sweater $295

Asos sweater

Asos sweater $68

Missoni caridgan

Missoni caridgan $1695

3.1 Phillip Lim sweater

3.1 Phillip Lim sweater $425

Marissa Webb sweater

Marissa Webb sweater $295

Topshop sweater

Topshop sweater $70

MOMMA LOVES… boyfriend jeans (that aren’t your bf’s jeans)

photo 2

Wearing my favorite boyfriend jeans with my little boyfriend and my big fur baby.

Ahhhh, boyfriend jeans, denim’s gift to women…  For year we’ve stolen our partner’s pants for a casual Sunday afternoon and even in the early days of pregnancy but somewhere along the line they became a thing.  A real, proper, undeniable trend.  These boyfriend jeans have been redesigned so they’re relaxed in all the right places but still 100% feminine.  Pair them with flats and you’re favorite little white tee for running errands or chasing our little one around the part or with a great sexy top and sky high heels for a cool evening on the own – they are super sexy in the most understated way.  As a mom, they truly are the best because I get to be comfortable and relaxed yet super stylish and best of all – it doesn’t matter what my little guy throws at me they still look great!!! So check out the best thing to happen to mom’s and denim – my favorite boyfriend jeans that you’re significant other could never pull off!

R13 jeans

R13 jeans $595

Frame jeans

Frame jeans $210

One Teaspoon jeans

One Teaspoon jeans $158

Levi's 501 Jeans

Levi’s 501 Jeans $88

Stella McCartney jeans

Stella McCartney jeans $375

Paige Denim jeans

Paige Denim jeans $239

Rag & Bone jeans

Rag & Bone jeans $198

Blank Denim jeans

Blank Denim jeans $88

J Brand jeans

J Brand jeans $238

James Jeans

James Jeans $194

Topshop jeans

Topshop jeans $80

Forever 21 jeans

Forever 21 jeans $32.90

Denim x Alexander Wang jeans - boyfriend jeans

Denim x Alexander Wang jeans $295

Current Elliott Jeans

Current Elliott Jeans $208

Madewell Jeans

Madewell Jeans $128

Asos jeans

Asos jeans $68

MOMMA LOVES… sporty chic sporty spice


Just call me sporty spice – I may not be the most athletic but I love some comfy chic style…

Ladies, I am not athletic type hiking the canyons and hitting the gym but I don’t mind a bit of sporty chic every now and then.  Sportswear has infiltrated the land of ready to wear in recent years and the look has an urban edge making it more wearable than traditional workout wear.  Thanks largely to designer Alexander Wang sporty chic has been in vogue for some time and showing no signs of abating.  What this means for us is that we get the comfort and ease of being in our sweats while remaining stylish.  True sporty chic is all in the details – your traditional sweatshirt in luxe fabrics like silk or cashmere, and super cool techno elements that give your look a sporty chic edge.  This is one of those great trends that allow us, as fashion forward mothers, to keep up with our little ones without sacrificing great style. Check out some of my favorite interpretations of the sporty chic movement and get ready for the perfect merge of form and function!

Fendi pants

Fendi pants $850

Alexander Wang dress

Alexander Wang dress $417

Solow bodysuit

Solow bodysuit $143

Nasty Gal jacket

Nasty Gal jacket $36.40

Nicholas dress

Nicholas dress $598

Rebecca Minkoff jacket

Rebecca Minkoff jacket $278

Helmut Lang pullover

Helmut Lang pullover $166.50

Forever 21 top

Forever 21 top $15.90

Cushnie et Ochs top

Cushnie et Ochs top $550

McQ dress

McQ dress $410

Mother of Pearl pants

Mother of Pearl pants $165

Cheap Monday sweater

Cheap Monday sweater $82

Rag & Bone romper

Rag & Bone romper $495

Helmut Lang sweater

Helmut Lang sweater $295

Alexander Wang sweatshirt

Alexander Wang sweatshirt $195

Asos dress

Asos dress $69