MOMMA LOVES… the love motif

There is a quote by Elizabeth Stone that says: “Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to wear your heart on the outside.”  A friend of mine showed me this quote shortly after I had Max and it resonated so strongly with me.  The word love is so tiny compared to what it actually means to love.  One of my favorite trends is the use of the word love and hearts in both women’s clothing and accessories as well as in the kids market.  Now we actually can wear our heart on the outside… Here are my some of my favorite finds:


Charlotte Olympia shoes $1250 available at


Crocs boots $49.99 available at


Zara t-shirt $19.90 available at


J Crew kids sweater $69.50 available at


Wildfox t-shirt $74 available at


Gap kids t-shirt $14.95 available at


Old Navy kids shirtdress $15 available at


Shy by Sydney Evan $125 available at


Sylvia Toledano clutch $1650 available at


Mini Rodini kids leggings $32 available at


Old Navy skirt $8.94 available at


Sarah Chloe ring $98 available at


Old Navy dress $26.94 available at



MOMMA, PLEASE??? rock and roll clothes for the little ones

I must confess that I am addicted to dressing my son in Rock and Roll inspired clothes and I have been from the moment I brought him home from the hospital.  From the Sex Pistols, to the Ramones to Johnny Cash and Nirvana my son has rocked out in tees and onesies from some of the greatest bands in music history before ever hearing a note.  That said, when my doctor asked what I wanted to listen to while he was being born I managed to whimper, “ummm… the Rolling Stones?” and sure enough, he entered the world to Mick Jagger crooning Wild Horses moments later.  Its fun, playful and makes me smile to see him running around in his rock royalty tees.  Here are some of my top picks:


Rowdy Sprout t-shirt $38 available at


Junk Food t-shirt $25.59 available at



Sourpuss tutu onesie $31 available at


H&M t-shirt $9.95 available at


Zara t-shirt $17.90 available at


Rowdy Sprout hooded dress $38 available at


Little Rock Store hooded sweatshirt $27.90 available at


MOMMA NEEDS… the chic and tailored sweatshirt

This is not the sweatshirt of yore…  This is revised, tailored, comfortable yet incredibly chic.  Basically, a dream come true.  These sweats are different because they are shrunken, the sleeves are more fitted and there’s often something special, different and feminine about them.  Accented with lace, chiffon, a ruffle, studs, or just a great fit – this is something we should all have in our wardrobe.  Pair them with a skinny jean, a boyfriend jean, a legging or even a pencil skirt and these sweatshirts will not only feel cozy but you’ll look amazing too!  Here are some of my favorites:


Current/Elliott sweatshirt $138 available at


Clu sweatshirt $192 available at


H&M sweatshirt $39.95 available at


H&M sweatshirt $49.95 available at

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MOMMA WANTS… the earrings

I am slightly obsessed with these Earrings – maybe because there’s a party in the front AND in the back.  The ear cuff is so major right now – basically its a cropped earring that extends up the lobe rather than dangling down and I have fallen in love with these ones from Maria Black. The post is actually as much a part of the earring design as the earring itself!  They’re beautiful and modern and the assed bonus, not too easy for little one to grab pull out!  The best thing is I could wear these with jeans and a tee as easily as I could wear with an evening gown to a wedding…

MOMMA KNOWS… eating out with kids


I can’t cook every night – so its great that we can take Max to our favorite restaurants and enjoy an evening out!

One of the most daunting things about being a parent is going to a restaurant.  What used to be such a joy and a night off from cooking is now overwhelming – just the thought of your child throwing food, causing a scene and the disapproving looks from others around is enough to keep you homebound until they are at least 6. I don’t believe it has to be this way – and I think enjoying a dinner out with my family is one of my favorite things.  Here are some of my tips as well as the accessories that have made eating out such a pleasure for me and my family.

1) Make yourself a regular chose 3 or 4 of your favorite restaurants and be loyal!  Be sweet and charming with all the staff – making sure to be excited to see everyone and asking after them and their families so that yours is the face they most want to see walking through their door.

2) Go early, like 6ish so that your little one doesn’t get overly tired, the restaurant won’t be full (so you won’t have to wait for a table or for food too long) also, you can get your babe home by bed time (perhaps they might even start to nod off on the ride home).

3) Bring snacks and put your child’s order in first so that he’s entertained (eating is an activity)and not getting hangry (huger always leads to anger).

4) Bring some toys.  Nothing too loud or electronic but a little car, rattle, a doll – something that can keep little one entertained and not bored.

5) Engage with them.  Yes, you want to have an adult conversation, but don’t forget to include your child – talk to them about what they’re playing with, what they’re eating, ask them if they want water and have them engage with the waiters and staff.  They want to be feel included, even if they’re not necessarily understanding or speaking yet.

6) Tip well.  Always tip at least 20% at least and if the baby is acting up a bit – add a bit extra.

7) Be gracious and apologetic to those around you when your baby acts up a bit.

8) If it’s nice out – outdoor dining is always the best option. The open air helps dull the noise if they’re being loud and if they get a bit fussy allows one of you to take them for a bit of a stroll.

9) Be considerate to staff.  When your child throws food all over the floor do your best to clean up after them. This goes a long way and illustrates mutual respect.

10) See below for my favorite eating out accessories – from the place mat that provides a clean surface for little one to eat off of (and rolls up neatly to fit in your purse) to the straw sippy cup (good for avoiding spillage) – these are my must haves:


BabyBjorn soft bib $12.89 available at


Summer Infant “tiny diner” place mat $10.99 available at


Boon catch bowl $8.98 available at


Zoli straw sippy cup $15 available at


Zoli snack dispenser $17.89 available at


Sassy on the go utensils $3.99 available at


MOMMA KNOWS… beauty tip

For those moms still breast feeding, congratulations – you have nature’s miracle product.  Breast milk not only keeps your baby healthy but it can be used topically to fix skin issues for both you and your little one.  Breast milk can clear up everything from your babies cradle cap, miscellaneous rashes, baby acne, even pink eye.  It works just as well on your skin, clearing up pimples and various other skin irritations from razor burn to bug bites!  If beauty giants could find a way to bottle this liquid gold they would and it would make billions.  So, pump it if you’ve got it and take advantage of its magical healing powers!

RUNWAY REINVENTION – the pop art comic trend

One of the greatest thing about working in fashion is seeing how one look on a runway can turn into a massive trend.  Sometimes you have to ask yourself who is influencing who.  The above shot is from Tom Ford’s 2013 Autumn/Winter collection in which he featured red carpet gowns emblazoned with the comic book Ka-boom style print – amazing how childhood memories continuously inspire even the most glamorous designers. Here are some of my favorite comic/pop art style selects for both our little ones and a few things for us too…


H&M boys shirt $12.95 available at


Marcus Lupfer sweatshirt $380 available at


Junk Food sneaker $29.95 available at


Jimmy Choo heels $795 available at


Zara kids t-shirt $9.90 available at


Asos skirt $64.07 available at


New Look clutch $17.78 available at


MOMMA NEEDS… the boyfriend jean

The perfect distressed boyfriend jeans are a must have!  They’re easy to throw on when running around town or to the park with your child.  The best thing, your little one CAN’T mess them up – they can only add to the distressed look.  So you can feel free to get them covered in dirt, paint or whatever they decide to throw or wipe on you, then later throw on a cute top and a pair of heels and head straight off to drinks with friends.  These are a huge trend right now and there is a boyfriend jean available from every designer, so you can be on trend and dressed down for the playground at the same time. Here are some of my favorites:


Frame Denim jeans $209 available at www.netaporter.comcurrentelliottboyfriendeditrevolveCurrent/Elliott jeans $255 available at www.revolveclothing.comhandmboyfriendjeansedit     H&M jeans $39.95 available at jeans $59.90 available at Denim jeans $98 available at www.shopbop.comasosboyfriendjeanedit      Asos jeans $67.63 available at

MOMMA NEEDS… the cross body bag

When starting out as a lowly fashion assistant at Allure magazine back in the late 90′s, a fashion legend turned to me as I was helping her and proclaimed, “Free your hands dear,” and it stuck with me ever since. How can we do anything well if our hands aren’t free? Yet, we run all over town bogged down by our handbags… While pregnant I fell in love with, then subsequently bought, the Givenchy Pandora bag, in orange, (seen in the picture above).  Not only is it absolutely beautiful, but I can carry it on shoulder or across body, leaving me hands free to carry all manner of things I laden myself down with, be it large garment bags from appointments, my son’s toys on a trip to the park, or my very favorite thing to hold, his little hand.  Also, carrying a bag across the body is so much better for us, because the weight we’re schlepping around all day, is more evenly distributed, so no more sore shoulder!!  Here are some of my top cross body picks:


Givenchy bag $1,810 available at www.netaporter.comaldocrossbodyeditAldo bag $50 available at www.aldoshoes.commarcbymarcshopbopcrossbodyeditMarc by Marc Jacobs bag $278 available at www.shopbop.comseebychloecrossbodyshopeditSee by Chloe bag $495 available at www.shopbop.comphilliolimtargetbgedit2Phillip Lim for Target bag $44.99 available at select target stores crossbodymarcshopbopeditMarc by Marc Jacobs bag $598 available at www.bloomingdales.comcrossbodyrebeccaminkoffneimanedit      Rebecca Minkoff bag $195 available at