MOMMA TIP… birthday cake idea!

Its a new year and there will surely be lots of Birthdays to celebrate!  I wanted to share with you guys a birthday cake idea I really had fun with…  I cannot believe my little prince will be turning 2 in June and I am already trying to plan!  For his first birthday I ordered him one of these edible photo cake toppers which everyone loved.  It was cute, inexpensive and easy!  I ordered ahead of time – made my own cake and just followed the instruction on how to apply the cake topper.  You can also get them for cookies and cupcakes!  This birthday cake idea is fun, creative and original!


HAPPY 2014!! #champersandpampers

Happy New Year everyone!!  I could not be more excited for 2014 and I hope you all are as well!  New trends, new accessories and watching our little ones grow and develop every day!  One tradition I’m starting this year is creating mood boards for the upcoming year.  Forget resolutions – I want to visualize the future!  Its amazing what will come to you when you put the thought out there.  Its a fun activity to do with friends and loved ones and it brings on the whole power of positive thinking.  Your dream house?  Another baby?  A new career?  A dog?  Whatever you want can be yours – just put it out into the universe and see what happens.  I am looking forward to a happy 2014 and look forward to sharing great things this year!


MOMMA NEEDS… storage solutions for the holiday haul

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday – gifts, food, friends, family and the joy of watching kids enjoying the magic of christmas… But what are we left with?  That’s right – a big old mess.  Its amazing how much things can accumulate and now that all the gifts that had been neatly stored under a tree that’s soon to disappear, what do we do with all this new stuff?  It’s time to start thinking about storage solutions because in the new year I really do resolve to reclaim my living room!  And my bedroom and office and kitchen and bathroom…  In order to do this I need some proper storage that looks chic in my living room and storage that’s cute for his room.  2014 is coming people and I want to start the new year right with a clean slate and a clean home.  So, here are my storage solutions that look great and can hide all the new acquisitions…

for our space…

trunk side table

Pottery Barn side table $499

west elm storage bed frame

West Elm storage bed frame $1199-1299

storage ottoman target

Target storage ottoman $49.98

Safaveieh storage bench

Safavieh storage bench $475.95

pottery barn lockers

Pottery Barn lockers $699

west elm storage coffee table

West Elm storage coffee table $499

An Elegant Retreat storage bench

An Elegant Retreat storage bench $419

sonoma life + style trunk

Sonoma life + style storage trunk $249.99

storage ottoman

Safavieh storage ottoman $178

find your fit bed

Find Your Fit storage bed $699-$829

For the kids areas…

brownstone bookcase

Land of Nod storage bookcase $599

pottery barn woven nursery storage

Pottery Barn woven nursey storage $47 – $79

levels of discovery storage bench

Levels of Discovery storage bench $199.95

Firehouse bookcase

Firehouse bookcase $83.99

KidKraft dollhouse book case

KidKraft dollhouse bookcase $124.99

Step2 create & store center

Step2 Create & Store center $80.99

Land of nod cubby cups

Land of Nod cubby cups $24.95

Taxi storage

Kids Taxi book storage $279.99

land of nod activity table with storage

Land of Nod activity table with storage $499

Step2 lift and roll toy box

Step 2 lift and roll toy box $41.99 (they can roll the toys they want to play with into the living room and then right back out again!)

Toydozer clean up set

Toydozer clean up set $14.99

And now its time to store all those Christmas decorations away…. and while you’re in the attic, garage or basement storing things – you may as well put away any toys and clothes that are not longer being used…  That is, if there might be more kids in the future… Also consider donating things that you haven’t used in a year to good will – we have enough clutter in our life – may as well give those things that we no longer use to those who will…

sterilite storage containers

Sterilite 66qt storage containers (set of 6) $75.98

sterilite 2 layer set of 4

Sterilite 2 layer stack and carry (set of 4) $45.56

hefty storage

Hefty 34qt storage box (set of 6) $53.94




MOMMA KNOWS – gift guide for kids

Shopping for kids is one of my greatest pleasures.  It takes me back to the joy of being a little girl, going to the toy store, the magic of opening a gift and the true pleasure of make believe. I wanted to do an ultimate gift guide for kids because there is just SO much out there it can be overwhelming.  There is everything from learning toys, to pretend play toys, riding toys, talking stuffed animals to arts and crafts.  Simply everything under the sun – toys that we enjoyed as kids which have been improved upon in ways that make me want to keep these things to play with myself!  So, if you are stuck with what to get your little one, or your nieces, nephews or friend’s children – check out my gift guide for kids to find the best things out there to keep the little ones entertained while they build their imagination…

kidkraft vintage kitchen

KidKraft vintage kitchen $129.99

Cra-Z-Art easel

Cra-Z-Art easel $59

Little Tykes gas 'n go mower

Little Tykes Gas ‘N Go Mower $24.99

j crew cashmere baby blanket

J Crew cashmere baby blanket $198

Leap Frog my pal scout

Leap Frog my pal scout $18.99

Thomas and Friends Mega Blocks

Mega Blocks Thomas and Friends $29.99

Snurk Princess bedding

Snurk Princess Bedding $80

Snurk astronaut bedding

Snurk astronaut bedding $80

baby einstein jumper

Baby Einstein jumper $89.99

dr martens boots

Dr. Martens boots $74.95

leap frog leap pad learning tablet

Leap Frog Leap pad learning tablet $89.99

disney frozen dress up

Disney Frozen dress up and rolling travel trunk $49.99

melissa and doug tunnel

Melissa and Doug tunnel $23.99

melissa and doug puzzle

Melissa and Doug puzzle $15.99

Ugg boots

Ugg boots $64.95

activity and walker

Activity and walker $79.99

radio flyer trike

Radio Flyer trike $51.99

bruder toys caterpillar

Bruder Toys caterpillar $41.99

3 in 1 tea cart and shopping cart

3 in 1 tea cart and shopping cart $49.99

little tikes truck

Little Tikes truck $82.65

my little pony

My Little Pony animated plush toy $29.99

MOMMA KNOWS… gift guide for women – everything she wants under $100

Women are generally easier to shop for than men… simply because we ARE women, so we know what we like.  But I wanted to do a gift guide for women under $100, great gifts for your moms, sisters, friends and coworkers.  There is so much out there and gift buying can truly be overwhelming, so I wanted to break some top gift options down into categories: beauty, accessories, jewelry, home, tech, candles and misc.  There are great options for all the women on your list… perhaps even a few things you’ll want to keep for yourself…


stila lip gloss set

Still lip gloss set $28

bumble and bumble blow dry

Bumble and Bumble blow dry kit $12

metallic nail foil wraps

Nail Rock metallic nail foil wraps $12

sephora makeup brush set

Sephora makeup brushes kit $62

bliss body care set

Bliss body wash and moisturizer set $33


missoni knit scarf

Missoni scarf $99
*** I have a theory that everyone would love something from Missoni.


Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet $90

feed guatemala bag

Feed Guatemala bag $50
*** the proceeds from these bags go towards feeding 1 child for 1 year – comes in lots of beautiful designs!

N. Peal cashmere gloves

N. Peal cashmere gloves $57.75

leopard print zara scarf

Zara scarf $29.90

rebecca minkoff monogram pouch

Rebecca Minkoff monogram pouch $50

mukluks slippers

Muk Luks slippers $29.95

yarnz scarf

Yarnz scarf $60


elizabeth and james rings

Elizabeth and James double ring $95

dogeared skull earrings

Dogeared skull earrings $40

kevia cuff

Kevia cuff $95

kate spade initial pendant

Kate Spade initial pendant $58


diptyque candle

Diptyque Baies candle $60

tocca candle

Tocca Stella candle $38

spiced vanilla candle bendels

Henri Bendel spiced vanilla candle $30 (or 2 for $50)



cutting board purse

cutting board purse $48

Philips hue downlight lamp

Philips Hue downlighting $60
*** control lighting in the house from your iPhone with this technology

hamilton beach juicer

Hamliton Beach juicer $59

picture frame

Argento SC picture frame $28

vanity fair coffee table book

Vanity Fair 100 years coffee table book $33.39


diane von fursetenberg ipad case

Diane Von Fursterberg iPad case $74.70

marc by marc iphone case

Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone case $38

hmdc jam plus wireless speaker

HMDX jam plus wireless speaker $60

apple tv

Apple TV $99
*** now you can watch the shows and movies you want when he’s not around.

besties iphone cases

Besties Iphone cases (set of 2) $25


vino 2 go

AD N ART vino to go $14.95

polaroid instant camera

Polaroid instant camera $80

tempour all in one

Tempour all in one $39.95 – chills, filters, pours and stops.

designer handbag mugs

Designer handbag mugs $21

MOMMA TIP… thanksgiving leftovers soup

Happy Thanksgiving week!  I know we are all about to disperse to our various families and friends for the Holiday, but I wanted to share my favorite recipe for thanksgiving leftovers…  It’s actually my mom’s (where all the best recipes tend to come from) and its VERY easy and super yummy!

Take your turkey carcass (plus any leftover wings, legs etc) and put into a very large pot.  Add water and/or chicken stock, (Don’t overdo the stock at first, in case the other bits and pieces you add are salty enough – you can always add more stock nearer the end according to taste), and bring the pot to boil and let it simmer.  Alternatively, you can do all this in your crockpot and just leave over night.  When the meat is falling off the bone, remove the carcass, bones and skin, (be careful to remove any smaller bones). Strip the carcass of any remaining meat, returning meat to the pot. Add leftover veggies, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, onion, squash etc. and continue to cook nice and slow.  Simmer on until it meets your taste and you have an amazing soup that you can continue to enjoy or freeze into batches for future meals!

Farberware stockpot casa

Farberware 16oz stockpot $79.95

Hamilton Beach crockpot

Hamilton Beach crockpot $56.29

MOMMA TIP… cooking with truffle oil and truffle salt

Your cooking may have become limited since having your beloved little one. Often times the need is for quick and simple and, frankly, a little boring.  One key ingredient I have found that transforms my meal from kids menu to ooh la la, is salt and/or oil infused with truffles!!! The magic ingredient which usually transforms a basic pasta dish to high end italian restaurant fare, from $15 to $115 has been infused into olive oil and sea salt for you to perk up meals in your own home. Add the oil or salt to kid friendly foods like mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, pasta, mac and cheese and french fries and you have a 5 star meal for you! One of my favorite things to do is bake oven chips (they’re healthier than frying – see my recipe below) and then tossing them in truffle salt. My husband and friends go absolutely nuts for them!


truffle infused olive oil

Truffle oil $29.95 available at


*** My recipe for oven baked oven chips are easy:

heat oven to 475

ingredients: potatoes (I like the red skinned potatoes), olive oil, kosher salt, truffle salt

cut potatoes into 1 inch thick wedges and blanche them (in boiling water for about 3 to 4 minutes (then soaking them in cold running water for a minute or 2) then lay them out on a baking tray and toss them with olive oil and a little bit of kosher salt.  Bake them for 10 minutes then clip them and bake for another 10 minutes and then flip again for another 8-10 until they are crispy.  Take them out and toss them with truffle salt and serve!

MOMMA TIPS… the miracle that is baking soda

Baking soda must be a woman because she sure can multi-task!  Sure, itts been a long time trusty ingredient for baking and has also occupied space in our fridge/freezer to keep everything fresh and deodorized but it is SO much more. Its delicate enough to clean our teeth yet effective enough to scour our pots and pans.  It can deodorize and clean just about anything and on top of all of that its actually eco-friendly!   But here are 2 ways that baking soda has helped me that I wanted to share with all of you.

First, my son kept on getting these heat rashes when he was quite young and I didn’t know what to do…  His skin is so delicate  and all baby soaps and moisturizers just seemed to make it worse. Then I heard a tips about baking soda.  I would run him a warm bath and sprinkle in baking soda and let him soak in it.  The heat rash quickly went away.  Something inexpensive that we already have in our house and was able to take discomfort away from my precious boy – baking soda gets a gold star!

Secondly, I was on a photo shoot recently and I was styling an actress in very delicate fabrics – lace, silk, cashmere and (as tends to happen) the body makeup she was wearing got all over the clothes.  By the suggestion of someone on set we mixed some water with baking soda and soaked the garments, hung them to dry and the stains disappeared!  So, of course, now I keep a trusty box of arm and hammer in my stylist kit!

I know everyone already has a box (or 20) in their house but explore the many uses of it that you might not be aware of – replace your harsh household cleaners with baking soda – it not only helps protect the environment but its safe to use around your kids and it really works!


MOMMA NEEDS…furniture without corners

So your beloved little one finally starts moving around, crawling, cruising, walking and it dawns on you… you live in a toddler death trap!  There are sharp edges jutting out everywhere so you get to childproofing the house.  Chic living space be gone is more like it.  Its literally like living in a padded room which, while hideous, is better than living in a toddler death trap.  So here I am, on the hunt, the hunt for furniture without corners.  Curvy not edgy, rounded lines not straight ones and most important chic furniture that won’t injure my child.  Here are some of my favorite contemporary furniture finds (special note – items from and are on special sales that are for a limited time but even if you miss the sale – keep checking these sites as things come back up for sale again)…

Cuddle chair Z-gallerie

Z gallerie cuddle chair $899 available a (love the thought of cuddling up with little one for story time)

capellini superhero furniture

Capellini armchair and poufs prices vary from $1656 to $555 available at

modern bookshelf Julien Vidame

wavy bookshelf by Julien Vidame $805 available at

Moroccan end table

Z Gallerie end table $499 available at (also there is a coffee tale version of this – both have storage which you can never get too much of)

Cardiff tufted pouf

Design Studios Cardiff tufted pouf $395 available at ** perfect as a coffee table

yellow chaise

Target tufted chaise settee $479.99 available at (love some pop of color in an otherwise neutral room)

Modern occasional table

Target occasional table $99.09 available at

chic dining chairs

Blue Lark pair of dining chairs $279 available at

concealed shelf

Concealed shelf $13 available at

bean bag hammock union jack

Le Beanock beanbag hammock $800 available at

tufted sofa

Z Gallerie Olivia sofa $1299 available at

hepburn storage ottoman one kings lane

Hepburn storage ottoman $199 available at

clemence coffee table one kings

Clemence coffee table $489 available at

carolyn tufted chair pottery barn

Pottery Barn tufted chair $499 available at






MOMMA TIP… getting the wrinkles out (from your clothes not your face)

Okay, I’m a fashion stylist, what does that mean?  Many things, but one of the most important parts of my job is making sure clothes look amazing and one major thing that makes clothes look terrible are wrinkles.  As a busy mom I know that time is not in abundance and that sometimes keeping clothes looking neat is not a top priority, so I just wanted to share with you my main trick.  Steam.  Get rid of that iron.  Ugh! I hate irons!  They infuriate me and I refuse to ever use one.  They ruin clothes by scorching them or spitting that gross brown water on them – and then there’s just the obnoxious factor of having to get the ironing board out and yadah yadah.  So, do what my fellow stylists and I do – use steam.

*** I will share the actual steamer that I use BUT – I need you to know my fun, efficient, time saving and INEXPENSIVE tip which is to take your clothes into the shower with you!  Not IN the shower but in the bathroom – hang them just outside the shower, turn on the hot water, have a shower, and whilst your bathroom steams up, the wrinkles in your clothes will fall out.  Of course, the heavier the fabric the more time it can take – but this is an easy and fast way to prep your clothes while you’re getting ready for the day – and what mom doesn’t love a good multi-tasking tip!

Now, on to the equipment, the Jiffy steamer I am picturing below is the one that I use and the one that I find in every photo studio and location van. It is tried, true and the best.  That said, Jiffy also does an amazing hand held (which I am also picturing) which I keep in my kit which is small, light weight and less expensive.  That said ,there are tons of steamer options out there at varying price points – these are the 2 that I can solidly vouch for.  Extra tip, I put a white ankle sock over the head of the steamer and rubber band it on to make it taught – this helps absorb some of the water and prevent it from spitting all over your clothes (I hate that) and always try to steam from inside your clothes, put the head of the steamer inside the garment and steam along the fabric from inside.  Finally, if you’re dealing with particularly delicate fabric like silk make sure to use filtered water (just to be on the safe side) and never touch the head of the steamer to the fabric. Let the steam get to the fabric and sort of guide it along the areas that need attention (the sock will also add an extra layer of protection just in case).  Happy steaming!

hand held steamer jiffy

Jiffy Esteam hand held steamer $61.83