MATERNITY MONDAY – maternity clothes you’ll want to keep post baby!

So… you’re pregnant.  What does this mean?  Well, it means nausea, needing to pee every few minutes, trouble sleeping, needing to sleep all the time, total discomfort, swollen feet, thicker hair, that crazy need to nest and get organized, people being overly nice to you and a body that is no longer your own.  The question I would labor (ha ha) over every day was what do I wear? And so began my quest for maternity clothes that look stylish and didn’t make me feel like I was wearing someone else’s clothes. So, for all you expectant moms out there looking to dress your growing bump – here are some of my top maternity clothes that will allow you to keep warm this winter, look fabulous and even get glam for the holidays!


Asos maternity dress $50.82


Mamalicious turtleneck $54.45

tees by tina maternity dress

Tees by Tina dress $98

topshop maternity jeans

Topshop maternity jeans $76

lilac clothing dress

Lilac clothing dress $126

DKNY FEED maternity bag

DKNY diaper bag $90
*** this is in conjunction with Feed which means the profits go toward charity


New Look maternity top $36.28

topshop maternity dress

Topshop maternity dress $60


Asos maternity coat $95.28


Asos maternity shirt $45.37


Asos maternity coat $101.63


New Look maternity super soft jeans $36.28

japanese weekend maternity top

Japanese weekend maternity top $98


Gap maternity jacket $89.95

isabella oliver maternity tunic

Isabella Oliver maternity tunic $145


Asos maternity sweater $72.60


Asos velvet maternity leggings $36.30


Asos maternity dress $72.70


MATERNITY MONDAY… best maternity clothes of the week

Its that time of the week again, maternity monday, time for me to lend a helping style hand to all the expectant moms out there.  You may have noticed a brand called Hatch which I have featured on this page several times – but you should get to know it!  Their genius designs allow room for your bump to grow (its one size fits all) BUT while its meant to be maternity it is ALSO meant to be equally wearable when you’re NOT pregnant!  Seriously, maternity clothes that are chic, fabulous and you don’t have to pack up and store after baby – done and done! So, congratulations on your growing bump, and without further adieu, here are some fabulous options for dressing it!

isabella oliver maternity top

Isabella Oliver top $112.81

jbrand maternity jean

J Brand maternity legging jeans $176

isabella oliver peacoat asos

Isabella Oliver peacoat $463.79

juicy baby bag shop

Juicy Couture baby bag (washable vinyl includes bib, plastic wipes case & a changing pad) $248

Maternity Monday

Asos sweater $39.40

asos maternity pants

Asos maternity peg pants $39.16

hm maternity dress

H&M maternity dress $34.95

h&M lace blouse

H&M maternity top $17.95

topshop breton shirt

Topshop maternity top $40

Plush fleece lined laeggings

Plush fleece lined leggings $36

hatch top black shop

Hatch top $168

embellished maternity dress

Asos maternity dress $97.89

hatch top shop

Hatch top $168

new look maternity top asos

New Look top $17.78


Asos maternity peg pants $32.23

hm maternity parka

H&M maternity parka $39.95

MATERNITY MONDAY… non maternity clothes to wear through pregnancy & beyond

When my husband and I decided to start trying to have a baby, I stopped buying clothes.  I stopped buying clothes because I kept thinking, well, I’m going to be pregnant – what’s the point of buying anything since I won’t be able to wear it?  Well, it took ten months to get pregnant, then of course nine months of pregnancy before the nine (ahem, 12) months to get my pre-pregnancy body back. That’s almost three years without buying the very clothes I was coveting and when I could finally wear my old clothes again they were pretty much obsolete.  What I did manage to find during this time were some NON maternity clothes that could see me through my pregnancy due to stretch and cut.   I continued to wear them post pregnancy, when my body wasn’t back yet and still today, now that I’m back to my former shape! I’m not talking the Kim Kardashian approach to maternity – there’s not need to go high fashion and look, dare I say, a bit tragic….  I’m saying classic, yet comfortable..  The key is looking for fabric with stretch (anything jersey is generally perfect), ruched on the sides, empire waists, tops that are longer and fuller and don’t be afraid to wear a (formerly) mini dress with leggings underneath.  It can be endlessly frustrating spending money on clothes you can only wear for a few months, then not again until (maybe) the next one… So, I wanted to share with you some non maternity clothes to wear through pregnancy and beyond, things I myself bought and still wear now!

victoria's secret maxi dress

Victoria’s Secret maxi dress $98

clu dress

Clu dress $190

american apparel high wasted leggings

American Apparel high waisted leggings $30

helmut lang jersey top

Helmut Lang top $295

vince top

Vince top $206.50

rachel pally strapless dress

Rachel Pally dress $251

wildfox sweater

Wildfox sweater $320.36

victoria's secret maxi dress

Vitoria’s Secret dress $59.50

helmut lang top saks

Helmut Lang tops $140

splendid maxi skirt

Splendid skirt $88

james perse ruched dress

James Perse dress $165

Helmut lang cowl neck top

Helmut Lang top $115

rachel pally long dress

Rachel Pally dress $242

MATERNITY MONDAY… for all my expectant mom friends

Its that time again, maternity monday…  A place for all my expectant mom friends to come for some type tips and top buys to stay fashionable while your mid-section continues to grow.  Here are some of my top maternity picks for the week (including THE maternity dress Kate Middleton wore for her official post baby portrait – it’s back in stores!)

maternity dress asks

Asos maternity dress $53.39 available at

Kate Middleton fashion maternity dress issa

Issa maternity dress $750 available at ***one of Kate Middleton’s favorite designers!

maternity pants asos

Asos maternity pants $53.39 available at

maternity tights

Topshop maternity tights $20 available at

maternity dress topshop

Topshop maternity dress $80 available at

maternity t-shirt topshop

Topshop maternity t-shirt $32 available at

maternity sweater gap

Gap maternity sweater $39.95 available at

maternity leather pants topshop

Topshop maternity pants $56 available at

maternity blouse asos Mamalicious

Mamalicious maternity blouse $43.61 available at

maternity evening dress H&M

H&M maternity dress $34.95 available at

Mamalicious maternity sweater

Mamalicious maternity sweater $74.75 available at

maternity party dress

Asos dress $71.19 available at

kate middleton's post baby maternity dress

Seraphine maternity dress $79 available at
**** this is it – THE kate middleton post baby maternity dress! a must have!

MATERNITY MONDAY… this week’s top picks for all you pregnant ladies!

Welcome to my second Maternity Monday where I chose my top picks of the week for the mom’s out there who are expecting.  I can’t say enough just how hard it was getting dressed those 9 month of pregnancy…  I struggled every day with my new body and figuring out whether to show it off or cover it up.  Its a relief for me to see so many amazing options for pregnant ladies that don’t necessarily have to cost a fortune or change your personal style.  So many designers now do maternity ranges.  An extra style tip, buy great maternity tank tops from the gap or target (super soft and inexpensive)n and layer them under some of your normal (more flowy) tops… This gives you the extra belly coverage but still allows you to get mileage out of the wardrobe you already have!  Here are some of my favorite  maternity must haves…

maternity tank top

Gap maternity tank $14.95 available at

Maternity dress heart print Asos

Asos maternity dress $39.16 available at

maternity leggings top shop

Topshop maternity leggings $40 available at

maternity sweatshirt H&M

H & M maternity sweatshirt $39.95 available at

Maternity coat

Asos maternity coat $124.59 available at

Maternity blouse New Look

New Look top $32.02 available at

Maternity skirt Top Shop

Topshop maternity skirt $44 available at

distressed maternity  jeans  asos

Asos maternity jeans $53.39 available at

maternity puffer jacket H&M

H&M maternity puffer jacket $59.95 available at

maternity dress Hatch

Hatch maternity dress $248 available at

maternity top New Look

New Look maternity top $23.12 available at

maternity evening gown Little Mistress

Little Mistress maternity dress $124.59 available at
*** great if you have a wedding to go to or a special event!

maternity pants asos

Asos maternity pants $39.16 available at

Maternity dress Asos

Asos maternity dress $44.50 available at


This is for all the expectant momma’s out there!  I know when I got pregnant one of my biggest fears was maternity clothing.  Hideous, cheap, frumpy…  I couldn’t face it.  I  fought it throughout my pregnancy stretching out my clothes and living in leggings and oversized sweaters.  I only  wish I had known what I know now…  Maternity has gotten chic!!  Seriously!  There’s no longer need to be fearful of your maternity wardrobe, in fact, you’ll wish you could continue wearing it post baby (actually you will continue to wear some of it post baby – 9 months to put it on and 9 months to take it off is a general rule of thumb).  Now you can join glamorous expectant celebrities like Kate Winslet, Gwen Stefani and maybe even Kerry Washington (if the rumor is right) by embracing your growing bump.  This will be a weekly feature so tell all your expectant friends about Maternity Monday. I know how daunting it can be to style your body when it’s no longer your own and I am here to lend a helping hand.  Here are this week’s top maternity must haves:

Maternity stripe top asos

Asos top $35.60 available at

Maternity pants chic Hatch

Hatch pants $208 available at

Maternity little black dress Asos

Asos dress $44.50 available at

Maternity sweater New Look Asos

New Look sweater $39.14 available at

Maternity jeans Asos

Asos jeans $53.39 available at

Maternity coat chic Asos

Asos coat $142.38 available at

Maternity blouse chic Asos

Asos top $56.95 available at

Maternity sweater Topshop

Topshop sweater $92 available at

Maternity dress figure hugging New Look Asos

New Look dress $32.02 available at

Maternity dress red figure hugging Top Shop

Top Shop dress $50 available at

Maternity cardigan H&M

H&M cardigan $29.95 available at

Maternity jacket stylish Gap

Gap jacket $128 available at