MOMMA NEEDS…furniture without corners

So your beloved little one finally starts moving around, crawling, cruising, walking and it dawns on you… you live in a toddler death trap!  There are sharp edges jutting out everywhere so you get to childproofing the house.  Chic living space be gone is more like it.  Its literally like living in a padded room which, while hideous, is better than living in a toddler death trap.  So here I am, on the hunt, the hunt for furniture without corners.  Curvy not edgy, rounded lines not straight ones and most important chic furniture that won’t injure my child.  Here are some of my favorite contemporary furniture finds (special note – items from and are on special sales that are for a limited time but even if you miss the sale – keep checking these sites as things come back up for sale again)…

Cuddle chair Z-gallerie

Z gallerie cuddle chair $899 available a (love the thought of cuddling up with little one for story time)

capellini superhero furniture

Capellini armchair and poufs prices vary from $1656 to $555 available at

modern bookshelf Julien Vidame

wavy bookshelf by Julien Vidame $805 available at

Moroccan end table

Z Gallerie end table $499 available at (also there is a coffee tale version of this – both have storage which you can never get too much of)

Cardiff tufted pouf

Design Studios Cardiff tufted pouf $395 available at ** perfect as a coffee table

yellow chaise

Target tufted chaise settee $479.99 available at (love some pop of color in an otherwise neutral room)

Modern occasional table

Target occasional table $99.09 available at

chic dining chairs

Blue Lark pair of dining chairs $279 available at

concealed shelf

Concealed shelf $13 available at

bean bag hammock union jack

Le Beanock beanbag hammock $800 available at

tufted sofa

Z Gallerie Olivia sofa $1299 available at

hepburn storage ottoman one kings lane

Hepburn storage ottoman $199 available at

clemence coffee table one kings

Clemence coffee table $489 available at

carolyn tufted chair pottery barn

Pottery Barn tufted chair $499 available at






RUNWAY REINVENTED… bambi gets high fashion

Designers find inspiration from many places…  The designer’s own archives, street style, movies, art and often their own childhoods.  Givenchy designer, Ricardo Tisci, often uses graphic prints in his designs which sets the fashion world on fire and sends fashion editors and celebrities alike clamoring to get his latest “it” piece.  His growling rotteweiler print tops sold out immediately when they came out years ago and inspired countless knock offs.  Well, for his Fall/Winter collection he sent out a new print inspired from his youth – a bambi print fused with the image of a lady.  Once again celebrities and the fashion elite went nuts over the look and it has already been photographed on countless celebrities and been featured in every magazine that could get their hands on it.   Furthermore, Kim Kardashian instagrammed a picture of a miniature version of the top which Tisci (longtime friend and collaborator of Kanye West) sent for baby Noth.  So, once again we have the age old circle of fashion of who inspires who… Perhaps our children might be more stylish than we are – setting trends before they even become trends…  Here are the Givenchy pieces that have hit stores and some options for our little ones to keep up with the trend (before they start setting the next ones)…

Givenchy bambi sweatshirt

Givench sweatshirt $1219.05

givenchy bambi sweatshirt

Givenchy sweatshirt $1375 WAS available at ***SOLD OUT

givenchy bambi t-shirt

Givenchy bambi t-shirt $653.12

bambi clutch Givenchy

Givenchy clutch $2340 available at

Bambi kids tshirt H&M

H&M t-shirt $9.95 available at

bambi tshirt Zara kids

Zara t-shirt $17.90 available at

And, while its not the bambi print, here is another Givenchy combination print top that actually IS still available to buy (for now) and a few other inspired ways for us to get the look…

givenchy print tee

Givenchy t-shirt $570 available at

printed sweatshirt Zara

Zara sweatshirt $59.90 available at

Zara combination print sweatshirt

Zara sweatshirt $35.90 available at

MOMMA NEEDS… the perfect chambray or denim shirt

I have been a long time opponent to denim on denim.  I also believe that, in fashion, “rules” are meant to be broken. I don’t buy into no white after labor day or not combing navy and black but for the longest time I could not get on board with the denim on denim look (sorry Jay Leno). Having said that, I have a confession, I now kind of love it…  On multiple magazine shoots over the last few months I have styled denim or chambray tops with denim bottoms and furthermore, I have bought (and frequently been wearing) my own Bella Dahl chambray top!!  I should note that Bella Dahl has transformed the look of denim tops – they are soft, tailored and incredibly chic!  The biggest problem with denim shirts is when the fabric is stiff and the cut is boxy so look for well tailored tops with a softer texture (chambray is brilliant in this way but a lot of denim these days has been treated in such a way that it too feels super soft).  Also, the key to wearing denim on denim is make sure the washes are different – so black or white jeans with a chambray or denim top is ideal…  even a dark denim with a light chambray works.  The difference in color tone is essential when styling the denim on denim look.  I know its been quite fashionable to have denim on denim in the same color wash, as we have seen in magazines and even on the runway, but I believe that is one of those trends best kept in the pages of Vogue and not in our own wardrobes. That said, I find the combination of a denim shirt and jeans (with the essential color tone difference) is such an incredibly relaxed yet elegant look. Once again, its simple and comfortable to wear while running after your kids during the day but easily transformed into a chic and sexy look for evening with a change of shoes (and a bit of jewelry never hurts).  So with out further ado, here are some of my favorite chambray and denim tops:

chambray shirt Bella Dahl

Bella Dahl shirt $128


H&M shirt $29.95 available at

chambray shirt denim AG

AG shirt $182

chambray denim shirt Bella Dahl

Bella Dahl shirt $128

denim shirt Blank NYC

Blank NYC shirt $83 available at

bella dahl chambray shirt

Bella Dahl shirt $155

Denim shirt H&M

H&M shirt $34.95 available at

denim shirt burberry brit

Burberry Brit shirt $295 available at

denim shirt embellished J Crew

J Crew shirt $120 available at

chambray shirt Paige denim

Paige denim shirt $90


Rails shirt $118.40

MOMMA LOVES… the most fabulous shoes

This is for all my fellow shoe addicts out here.  This isn’t about practical footwear – this is about fantasy, whimsy and imagination.  These are the shoes that made me stop in my tracks and fall in love.  These are not necessarily the shoes you buy, they’re the ones you dream about… and every now and then when you can’t stop dreaming they end up in your closet.  That’s okay. I always say, its good to want things.  Its not the worst thing in the world to find a pair of shoes inspiring, intoxicating and to occasionally make a guilty purchase.  These are conversation starters… They are inspired, divine, expensive and far closer to art than just an accessory. These are the shoes that Carrie Bradshaw would be coveting this very moment.  For your footwear fantasies…

fantasy shoes happily ever after charlotte olympia

Charlotte Olympia happily ever after pumps $845 available at

butterfly sandals sergio rossi

Sergio Rossi butterfly sandals $1150 available at

ruffled pumps whimsical shoes nicholas kirkwood

Nicholas Kirkwood ruffled pumps $950 available at

crystal shoes high heels Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin crystal daffodil pumps $6395 available at

amazing shoes fantasy sandals Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti gold wing sandals $1595 available at

rose garden shoe Givenchy

Givenchy rose camouflage sandals $950 available at

MOMMA PLEASE??? boho baby style

Boho chic has been popularized most recently by one of THE most fashionable mom’s in the world, Kate Moss. Its one part hippie, one part rock n’roll and one part gypsy.  Its eclectic, referential, sweet, punk, classic, pretty and effortlessly cool. Furthermore, its a perfect look for our little ones.  The bohemian look is so darling when miniaturized for our kids and the more you mix and match color and textures the sweeter it looks.  A little floral dress with a faux suede vest and fringed boots, colorful corduroys with a chunky fair isle sweater – youthful yet pulled together it will always be one of my favorite looks.  Here are some of my favorite boho pieces for our precious babies.

First for the little ladies:

boho dress baby

Zara dress $35.90 available at

boho boot baby zara

Zara boot $45.90 available at

boho vest baby old navy

Old Navy vest $7.97

boho leggings fair isle baby gap

Gap leggings $24.95 available at

boho bag fringe zara

Zara bag $39.90 available at

boho dress kids peek

Peek dress $42 available at

boho boot zara kdis

Zara boots $59.90 available at

boho vest kids peek

Peek vest $58 available at

boho jeans gap kids

Gap jeans $16.99

boho dress floral zara kids

Zara dress $42.90 available at

boho bag zara

Zara bag $29.90 available at

boho knit dress h&m kids

H&M dress $14.95 available at

boho boots h&M

H&M boots $19.95 available at

boho blouse kids zara

Zara blouse $35.90 available at

And for the little gentlemen…

colorful cords gap kids

Gap cords $29.95

boho cardigan kids h&m

H&M cardigan $19.95 available at

boho hightops zara sneakers kids

Zara shoes $49.90 available at

boho shirt boys zara

Zara shirt $29.90 available at

boho knit romper old navy kids

Old Navy one piece $29.94 available at

boho boots kids zara

Zara boot $49.90 available at

boho jeans suspenders boys h&m

H&M pants $17.95 available at

boho trapper hat kids gap

Gap hat $22.95 available at

boho sweater kids zara

Zara sweater $35.90 available at

boho scarf boys zara

Zara scarf $19.90 available at

boho desert boot boys zara kids

Zara boot $55.90 available at

boho sweater kids gap

Gap sweater $39.96 available at

boho suspender pants boys zara

Zara pants $39.90 available at

boho cardigan boys zara

Zara cardigan $45.90 available at


MOMMA TIP… getting the wrinkles out (from your clothes not your face)

Okay, I’m a fashion stylist, what does that mean?  Many things, but one of the most important parts of my job is making sure clothes look amazing and one major thing that makes clothes look terrible are wrinkles.  As a busy mom I know that time is not in abundance and that sometimes keeping clothes looking neat is not a top priority, so I just wanted to share with you my main trick.  Steam.  Get rid of that iron.  Ugh! I hate irons!  They infuriate me and I refuse to ever use one.  They ruin clothes by scorching them or spitting that gross brown water on them – and then there’s just the obnoxious factor of having to get the ironing board out and yadah yadah.  So, do what my fellow stylists and I do – use steam.

*** I will share the actual steamer that I use BUT – I need you to know my fun, efficient, time saving and INEXPENSIVE tip which is to take your clothes into the shower with you!  Not IN the shower but in the bathroom – hang them just outside the shower, turn on the hot water, have a shower, and whilst your bathroom steams up, the wrinkles in your clothes will fall out.  Of course, the heavier the fabric the more time it can take – but this is an easy and fast way to prep your clothes while you’re getting ready for the day – and what mom doesn’t love a good multi-tasking tip!

Now, on to the equipment, the Jiffy steamer I am picturing below is the one that I use and the one that I find in every photo studio and location van. It is tried, true and the best.  That said, Jiffy also does an amazing hand held (which I am also picturing) which I keep in my kit which is small, light weight and less expensive.  That said ,there are tons of steamer options out there at varying price points – these are the 2 that I can solidly vouch for.  Extra tip, I put a white ankle sock over the head of the steamer and rubber band it on to make it taught – this helps absorb some of the water and prevent it from spitting all over your clothes (I hate that) and always try to steam from inside your clothes, put the head of the steamer inside the garment and steam along the fabric from inside.  Finally, if you’re dealing with particularly delicate fabric like silk make sure to use filtered water (just to be on the safe side) and never touch the head of the steamer to the fabric. Let the steam get to the fabric and sort of guide it along the areas that need attention (the sock will also add an extra layer of protection just in case).  Happy steaming!

hand held steamer jiffy

Jiffy Esteam hand held steamer $61.83



This is for all the expectant momma’s out there!  I know when I got pregnant one of my biggest fears was maternity clothing.  Hideous, cheap, frumpy…  I couldn’t face it.  I  fought it throughout my pregnancy stretching out my clothes and living in leggings and oversized sweaters.  I only  wish I had known what I know now…  Maternity has gotten chic!!  Seriously!  There’s no longer need to be fearful of your maternity wardrobe, in fact, you’ll wish you could continue wearing it post baby (actually you will continue to wear some of it post baby – 9 months to put it on and 9 months to take it off is a general rule of thumb).  Now you can join glamorous expectant celebrities like Kate Winslet, Gwen Stefani and maybe even Kerry Washington (if the rumor is right) by embracing your growing bump.  This will be a weekly feature so tell all your expectant friends about Maternity Monday. I know how daunting it can be to style your body when it’s no longer your own and I am here to lend a helping hand.  Here are this week’s top maternity must haves:

Maternity stripe top asos

Asos top $35.60 available at

Maternity pants chic Hatch

Hatch pants $208 available at

Maternity little black dress Asos

Asos dress $44.50 available at

Maternity sweater New Look Asos

New Look sweater $39.14 available at

Maternity jeans Asos

Asos jeans $53.39 available at

Maternity coat chic Asos

Asos coat $142.38 available at

Maternity blouse chic Asos

Asos top $56.95 available at

Maternity sweater Topshop

Topshop sweater $92 available at

Maternity dress figure hugging New Look Asos

New Look dress $32.02 available at

Maternity dress red figure hugging Top Shop

Top Shop dress $50 available at

Maternity cardigan H&M

H&M cardigan $29.95 available at

Maternity jacket stylish Gap

Gap jacket $128 available at

MOMMA MUST HAVE… the little black dress (fit and flare)

Okay, so this is the first of MANY little black dress posts I will be doing because (truth be told) it has been and always will be the instant answer for everyone’s what should I wear question.  I am focusing this post on mini black dress options  with a fit and flare silhouette at every price point.  From no price limit to under $50 there is an option for everyone and you won’t be disappointed…  The fit and flare silhouette gives a classic hour glass shape showing off the curves we love while concealing the bits we like a less… Dark colors always give a slimmer more elegant look which is why the little black has long been a fashion staple and probably always will.

For those with no price limit…

little black dress victoria beckham

Victoria Beckham dress $2395 available at

Under $500…

little black dress sandro

Sandro dress $285 available at

Under $100…

little black dress asos

Closet dress $74.75 available at

and under $50…

little black dress asks

Asos dress $35.60 available at


MOMMA LOVES… a little lace

When was the last time you wore lace? It certainly seems a bit dressy or fussy for running around with your toddler or even going to work but not anymore.  Lace has been everywhere on the runway, redcarpet and of course in stores… but its not necessarily fancy.  Its decorative, yes, but its used sparingly and more as a way to add a bit of style to an otherwise very practical item of clothing.  A lace panel in a sweater, a lace ruffle on a t-shirt, or a bit of peek-a-boo that enables that item of clothing to take you from day to night.  It may sound crazy but that little bit of lace can get more mileage than you think – from the park, to the office to dinner…  There’s an easy way to dress it up or down with a bit of styling.  Throw a blazer on and you’re ready for the boardroom, pair it with boyfriend jeans and its perfect for a trip to the park, add heels and its time for a night out on the town.  I’m a believer and here are some of my favorite lace adorned pieces (and I threw in a couple little lace dresses as well since it is holiday season coming up):

Jumpsuit lace black Zara

Zara jumpsuit $99.90 available at

lace t-shirt Maje

Maje top $165 available at

Lace detail dress Alice and Olivia

Alice and Olivia dress $400 available at

lace top Zara

Zara top $69.90 available at

lace sweater Top Shop

Topshop top $76 available at

lace dress chic Asos

Asos dress $67.63 available at

lace color block blouse Sandro

Sandro top $340 available at

lace sweater H&M

H&M top $17.95 available at

lace jeans 7 for all mankind

7 for All Mankind jeans $189 available at

lace t-shirt Clu

Clu top $170 available at

little black dress lace BB Dakota

BB Dakota dress $98 available at

lace detail t-shirt Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marc by Marc Jacobs top $128 available at

lace t-shirt ella moss

Ella Moss top $128 available at


lace shoes booties Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo shoes $1250 available at

lace back sweater Zara

Zara lace back sweater $59.90 available at

lace detail dress

Three Floor dress $286 available at

little black dress lace Diane Von Furstenburg

Diane Von Furstenburg dress $365 available at