MOMMA LOVES… sophia webster shoes on sale!

Its that time of year again – shoe sale time!!! I have featured this young British shoe designer several times on my site and I am constantly amazed by how innovative her designs are.  These are not functional shoes – these are desirable shoes – these are, I have to have these, shoes!  She has truly exploded – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if Carrie Bradshaw were here she would be having a love affair with her Sophia Webster shoes.  Her shoes were featured on all of those stunning Victoria’s Secret models for the big fashion show this month and she will be on tons of celebrities when awards season kicks off next month.  I wanted to do a quick feature because so many of her shoes are on sale now and they are selling out fast!  PS – I should note that I have found that they run a little small so I would advise going up a half a size… I was at Saks yesterday and I couldn’t find any left in my size (tragedy) – so check out these shoes and try to control yourself!

sophia Webster holographic shoes

Sophia Webster holographic shoes were $795 now $397.50

sophia webster patent shoes

Sophia Webster sandals was $689.31 now $482.52

sophia webster art shoes

Sophia Webster shoes were $575 now $384

sophia webster bootie

Sophia Webster bootie was $695 now $465

sophia webster flats

Sophia Webster flats were $420 now $294

sophia webster ankle boots

Sophia Webster ankle boots was $695 now $486.50

sophia webster heart print pumps

Sophia Webster heart print pumps were $420 now $294


Sophia Webster pumps were $495 now $247.49

Sophia Webster rose print shoes

Sophia Webster rose print shoes were $650 now $455

sophia webster fab

Sophia Webster shoes $395 (I’m not sure if these are on sale but they are  too fabulous to leave out!)



Once again, I wanted to do a feature which allows you to the shop the look.  I am highlighting the trends I focused on this week and how to wear them.  Check out how I’ve chosen to style some of my favorite items from my posts on the little black dress, snow gear, fabulous flats and leggings and have fun shopping the look!

LBD for the holiday

Little black dress for the holiday parties in your life – click the pic!

little black gown

The little black gown – perfect look for black tie – shop the look and click the pic!

snow fabulous

Prepare for snow or just sitting by the fire… shop the look!

fabulous flats look

Fabulous flats – perfect look for day – click the pic to shop the look!

legging look

Sophisticated leggings – click the pick to shop the look!

MOMMA NEEDS… leggings for moms, kids and how to wear them

You’ve probably heard this before, but leggings are not pants.  They are comfortable and they can actually be incredibly chic – when worn the right way.  I wanted to do a post on leggings – providing my top picks and also giving some tips on how to wear them and how NOT to wear them.  The most important thing is to remember that it is always important to balance what you wear on top with what you have on the bottom. What I mean is – don’t wear baggy bottoms with baggy tops and don’t wear leggings with something tight on top.  A tunic with some volume or a great (longer) sweater are the best and most appropriate pairings.  When buying leggings – remember tights are not leggings – meaning, make sure they are thick and opaque – some can be quite sheer, which is not okay.  There is nothing worse that when you’re standing in front of someone in leggings, they bed over and you can see their underwear – do the test yourself when you try them on – bend over in front of the mirror and take a look for yourself – always consider the angle that might not be obvious to you that the rest of the world sees.  Another important thing, always make sure that your bum and crotch are covered – again, leggings are not pants.  Unless there are pockets, a button and a zipper – make sure that region is properly concealed with your top.  This brings me to jeggings (also known as legging jeans) – a phenomenon that scares some people but can actuality be a great alternative because they have the stretch and silhouette of a legging but they have the details of jeans – pockets (that may or may not be functional) a zipper, a button and these can be worn with a top that doesn’t necessarily need to completely cover the nether regions but should still have a bit of volume.  That said, leggings are amazing – I go through stages where them constantly – they are comfortable, versatile and when worn correctly insanely chic!  By the way, I have also included leggings made by Spanx!!  That’s right, spanx makes leggings for all you ladies who feel leggings aren’t flattering… They sure are when they’re giving you that extra support!  There are incredible versions in velvet, leather, cashmere, denim and knit – so many amazing options!  Please see below for some of my top leggings and jeggings – I should note that sometimes these pictures are style the way you should wear them and sometimes they’re styled so that you can see the pants – please take the images with a grain of salt and please nobody wear them with a crop top!

I have also included adorable options for kids who don’t necessarily have the same rules.  Babies in leggings whether they’re boys or girls are always cute, comfy and easy to get on and off for quick diaper changes.  Of course, as they grow older boys should really move on to pants and girls will start living by the leggings are not pants rule but in the meantime cute and comfortable kids clothes are always a must have!  Check out some of my top picks!

First for us:

helmut lang leggings

Helmut Lang  $920
*** these are my favorite I own them and love them – they are actually technically a jogging because of the pockets so can be worn with a shorter top.

chinti and parker leggings

Chinti and Parker  $56

donna karan cashmere blend leggings

Donna Karan cashmere blend  $550

Vince scrunched ankle

Vince $195

splendid waffle knit leggings

Splendid waffle knit  $80

J Brand legging jeans

J Brand $150

spanx leggings

Spanx $70
*** that’s right – for you ladies who feel like leggings aren’t flattering – spanx leggings!!

Cut 25 by Yigal Azrouel leggings

Cut 25 by Yigal Azrouel  $295

red leggings

Asos $14.52

j brand velveteen jegging

J Brand velveteen jegging $235

knit leggings

Asos  $36.30

rag & bone jeggings

Rag & Bone jogging  $264

velvet leggings

Asos velvet $36.30

AG jegging

AG jeggings $188

plaid leggings

Asos  $32.67 **these are for the more fashionably adventurous!

rag &bone plush jeggings

Rag & Bone plush jeggings $185
*** I own these and they are amazing – soft, comfortable and chic

guess faux leather leggings

Guess $59

splendid fair isle print

Splendid fair isle print $78

plush fleece lined leggings

Plush fleece lined leggings $75 (stay extra warm!)

and now for our little cuties!

tucker + Tate fair isle leggings

Tucker + Tate fair isle print $22


Gap jean print $18

stella mcCartney leggings

Stella McCartney $32.40

peek leggings

Peek  $24

zara printed leggings

Zara $16.90

zara leggings

Zara $15.90


Gap with sparkle stripe $29.95


Gap velour foots $11.99

J crew leggings

J Crew star print $14.50

Genuine Kids from OshKosh sweater leggings

Genuine Kids from OshKosh $8.50

hartstrings knit baby leggings

Hartstings $18.00


Just One You by Carter’s (2 pack) $6.99


Old Navy ruffled back $8.94

zara with knee patch

Zara $12.90

First Impression baby

First Impressions $8.99

Ralph Lauren cashmere

Ralph Lauren cashmere $98

J  Crew cashmere baby

J Crew cashmere $98


MOMMA WANTS… fabulous flats (the coolest flats – nothing soccer mom about these puppies)

I love shoes.  Some might call it an addiction.  I have a closet full of insanely high heels.  I call them my taxi shoes (a term from my time in NYC and London) – basically they’re shoes you wear from your home to the taxi and from the taxi to the restaurant.  They don’t suffer much abuse and are kept in pristine condition.  My flats, on the other hand, they take a beating.  I wear them every day in the house, to the supermarket, to the park, to appointments, to playdates, to set and everywhere in between.  So, a patin of fabulous flats are always on my wish list.  I’m not a practical footwear kind of girl – I love shoes – but I also need to be comfortable and on my feet a lot – so flats with a bit of something extra will always catch my eye.  I can’t be the soccer mom in practical loafers nor can I be the stylist who wears 4 inch high marabou Manolo Blahnik slippers around the house.  So, I have put together my picks for the most fabulous flats out there – neon, studded, printed, metallic and often times humorous –  every pair is on my wish list.  And, by the way, if Max decides he wants to play soccer – that’s great! I will be there with my fabulous flats and bells on! (hmmm… flats with bells…  no- I’ll leave those for the elves)

valentino rock stud flats

Valentino rock studs ballet flats $844.87


Toms glitter flats $76.23

DV8 by Dolce Vita flats

DV8 by Dolce Vita $44.95

alice + olivia flats

Alice + Olivia d’orsay flats $240

gee wawa flats

Gee Wawa flats $97.95

Christian louboutin flats

Christian Louboutin flats $625


Asos slipper shoes $63.52

charles philip shanghai

Charles Philip Shanghai flats $195

topshop flats

Topshop flats $40

Mia studded flat

MIA studded flats $22.49

valentino rockstud patent

Valentiino rockstud ballerina flats $695

topshop flats bw

Topshop flats $56

dv8 by dolcevita

DV8 by Dolce Vita flats $44.95

marc by marc flats

Marc by Marc Jacobs flats $248

yosi samra flats

Yosi Samra flats $70

forever21  cutout oxfords

Forever21 cutout oxfords $26.80

b by brian atwood flats

B by Brian Atwood flats $295

fendi monster flats

Fendi moster flats $595

forever21 loafers

Forever21 loafers $24.80

rivieras slipons

Rivieras slip ons $25.50

miumiu flats

Miu Miu flats $490

dv8 by dolce vita black flats

DV8 by Dolce Vita flats $44.95

christian louboutin patent flats

Christian Louboutin patent flats $595


MOMMA KNOWS… Winter beauty tips

Winter is one of the most wonderful seasons, it means holidays, snow, ice skating, hot chocolate and sitting by the fire…  There is a certain coziness and nostalgia about it.  However, it reeks havoc on our appearance. Going back and forth between the frigid temperatures outside and the intensely dry air from central heating is a nightmare for our delicate skin.  So, I decided to share with you some of my top winter beauty tips to get you through the frosty season.  Say good bye to itchy dry skin and stay radiant all year long!

1) WATER!  We all know that water is the number 1 best thing for our skin but I often find myself forgetting to drink it during the colder months when my skin needs it the most.  In summer time we drink more water because its hot and we crave it more but in the winter we tend to gravitate to warmer drinks which often contain caffeine which can actually dehydrate skin even more.  So make a conscious effort to drink more water!  The general rule of thumb is eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day.  What I find helpful is filling up a couple of bottles of water in the morning with that amount of water I should be drinking and knowing that I have to finish them during the day.  Whatever works for you – but think less caffeine and more H2O!


Brita pitcher $34.99

2) Don’t forget about your hands and feet! I have 3 dogs and a toddler – I think I wash my hands about 150 times a day – this is a KILLER on my poor hands.  They are dry, cracked and sore.  Our hands and feet suffer the harshest work and get the least amount of attention.  I rarely moisturize my hands because I don’t want to leave a sticky residue on everything I touch and my poor feet which carry me through life (occasionally in some ridiculous shoes) get barely any attention between pedicures.  However, during the winter months my hands get so bad I simply have to pay attention.  I use these little gloves (and there are little socks for the feet too – but you could just use your normal socks) and before bed I slather on some hand lotion or even just vaseline and put on the gloves and socks so that my skin can replenish over night.  Sure, my husband has a chuckle at my expense when I climb into bed in my little gloves, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!  Lets not forget, there is plenty we can do to our face to look younger but hands are a tell tale sign – so don’t forget that they need attention too!

spa gloves soap

Spa Sister gloves $10.39

spa sister socks

Spa Sister sock $7.35

bliss spa gloves

Bliss spa gloves $48
*** these actually have moisturizers in them already and are good for up to 50 uses!

vaseline soap

Vaseline $4.55

jack black hand cream

Jack Black industrial strength hand healer $15

bliss hand cream

Bliss hand cream $18

pumice stone

Revlon pumice stone $3.85 – don’t forget to scrub your calloused feet with a pumice stone between pedicures to keep them soft!

3) Cure those chapped lips.  We’ve got coats and boots, hats and gloves but our face is hard to keep covered up and often takes the brunt of the winter weather.  Particularly our lips!  I mean, I have chapstick in all of my bags and in every room in my house because that dry lip feeling is the worst!  So, don’t neglect your lips – exfoliate and moisturize them to keep them soft and lipstick ready!

Bliss lip scrub

Bliss lip scrub $18

Ilia lip exfoliator

Ilia lip exfoliator $24

jack black lip balm

Jack Black intense therapy lip balm with SPF $7.50

elizabeth arden 8 hour cream

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream $20
*** a must have – not just for lips but elbows, calluses – whatever needs a miracle. This product is in every makeup artist kit and in every fashion and beauty editor’s hand bag!

Dior addict lip polish

Dior addict lip polish $31

Ilia tinted lip conditioner

Ilia tinted lip conditioner $24
*** moisturize lip while adding color – comes in a tray of shades

4) The face.  Its what the world sees first and its also the most exposed to the elements.  The skin on our face takes a beating from sun, wind, heat and cold. Keeping our faces exfoliated and moisturized (and PS – always wearing sun block) is essential for looking younger and more radiant.  I am addicted to my Clarisonic which I use twice a day when washing my face – it just properly cleans my skin and helps take of the dead skin which can clog pours and ultimately lead to break outs.  I also try to use masks several times a week to exfoliate and rep are my damaged skin.  I don’t have time to go get facials – I have a child, a career, 3 dogs and a husband so I put a mask on while I brush my teeth, answer emails even eat breakfast…  We’re woman, we multi task and taking care of ourselves should be enough of a priority that its one of the many tasks we take on.  Finally, whether you wear make up or not – moisturizer and sun block are the most important things for our faces.  Protecting ourselves from sun damage – which can still happen in the cold of winter and replenishing the moisture that is stripped from our skin in winter are essential for healthier, younger looking skin!  I have to tell you that Creme de la Mer, is expensive but it is universally considered the BEST moisturizer on the market – working with countless celebrities and makeup artists it is truly the go-to miracle beauty treatment – but there are so many wonderful and effective products on the market – find what works best for you!


Clarisonic skin cleansing system $199

dermalogica gentle exfoiant

Dermalogica gentle cream exfoliant mask $39

Boots no7exfoliator

Boots No7 exfoliator $8.49

origins drink up mask

Origins dink up mask $24

multi vitamin recovery mask dermalogica

Dermalogica multi vitamin power recovery mask $48

oil of olay total effects 7 in one moisturizer

Olay 7 in one moisturizer $17.99

creme de la mer

Creme de la Mer moisturizing cream $155

murad sunblock moisturizer

Murad essential-C Day moisturizer and broad spectrum SPF $60

Olay regenerist

Olay Regenerist moisturizer $21.49

neutrogena sunblock

Neutrogena sunscreen $9.99

5) The body.  Just because your bundled up doesn’t mean your skin isn’t suffering.  The fluctuations from the dry heat inside and the frigid temperatures outside just destroy our skin and because we’re not showing much skin in the winter we tend to neglect it…  Just as with our face, exfoliation and moisturizing is key to keeping skin soft and supple.  PS – if you’re pregnant this is more important than ever because moisture is the best way to prevent stretch marks – and prevention is always better than cure!  Palmer’s cocoa butter has been around for ages because it works – use it, use a lot of it and use it often!  Summer time is around the corner so take care of your skin now so you can show it off then…

Fresh exfoliating soap

Fresh exfoliating soap $16.50

dove mositurizing bar

Dove moisturizing beauty bar (8 bars) $11.79

sephora loofah

Sephora loofah $3

origins body scrub

Origins body scrub $29

josie maran argan oil body butter

Josie Maran argan oil body butter $35

Aveeno daily mositurizer

Aveeno daily moisturizer $10.90

clinique body butter

Clinique deep comfort body butter $29


Aquaphor healing ointment $14.99
*** I didn’t know where to put this since its brilliant for lips, dry spots, hands, feet, face everything! it not only restores moisture but it also adds a layer of protection for the skin against environmental elements!

Palmer's cocoa butter

Palmer’s cocoa butter $4.99
** the best prevention for stretch marks!



MOMMA LOVES… great sales of the week!

Tis the season! The season for sales and there are so many great deals out there that I wanted to a feature on some of the great sales of the week! I compiled some of my top picks that were also still available in a range of sizes (its always the worst when you see something amazing on sale only to find out there’s nothing left in your size).  Click the links to take you to where you can buy them and what else is available!  So many sites are featuring additional % off right now  (although read the print – sometimes this means the sale is final) and, believe it of not, a lot of retailers are offering free shipping that can still get things to you in time for Christmas!  So, get shopping people and check out some of the great sales out there!!

equipment python print silk top

Equpment python print silk top was $168 now $119 + extra 40% off!

alexis dress

Alexis dress – was $585 now $199 = extra 40% off


Asos shoes was $81.67 now $40.84

rag and bone navy plush jeans

Rag & Bone navy plush skinny jeans was $188 now $159 plus extra 40% off

menchi for intermix jacket

Menchi for Intermix jacket was $525 now $369 + extra 40% off (ps – the dress is on sale too)

dolce vita ankle boot

Dolce Vita ankle boot was $188.95 now $126.59

madewell top

Madewell top was $108 now $75.60


New Look jacket was $72.58 now $49.41

michael by michael kors bag

Michael by Michael Kors bag was $298 now $178.80

LNA sweater

LNA sweater was $136 now $95.20

kensie blazer

Kensie blazer was $119 now $71.40

paloma Barcelo wedges

Paloma Barcelo wedges was $340 now $102

best dress on sale

River Island dress was $181.49 now $127.04

Guess coat

Guess coat was $240 now $159

karl lagerfeld snowboots

Karl Lagerfeld snowboots was $370 now $185

townsen top

Townsen top was $176 now $88

Burberry london jacket

Burberry London jacket was $1095 now $657

rag and bone black boots

Rag & Bone boots were $495 now $346.50

stella mccartney fold over bag

Stella McCartney fold over bag was $1910 now $1149


MOMMA NEEDS… snow gear for moms and kids

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas – but the truth is, that’s not happening her in Los Angeles… That said, in many other parts of the world the white stuff is coming down and snow gear is a true necessity.  So, whether its snowing where you are, or your planning on a ski trip or just doing a bit of apres skiing (looking cute in the outfits while drinking schnapps by the fire) I wanted to pass on some of my favorite snow gear for us mommas and our little ones! I’ve already done a post of puffer jackets so here are a few more options and the accessories to go with them!

First for us…

Canada Goose jacekt

Canada Goose jacket $595

The North Face hat

The North Face hat $40

N. Peale scarf

N. Peale cashmere and silk scarf $118.25

isabel marant concealed wedge boots

Isabel Marant concealed wedge boots $840

Mackage down coat

Mackage coat $650

LK Bennett boots

LK Bennett boots $311.50

ugg gloves

Ugg suede tech gloves $125

betsey johnson coat

Betsey Johnson coat $158

khombu boots

Khomu boots $119

N. Peal cashmere fingerless gloves

N. Peale cashmere fingerless gloves $74.25

lauren by ralph lauren jacket

Lauren by Ralph Lauren jacket $152

Ugg Australia shearling loop scarf

Ugg Australia shearling loop scarf $150

michael by michael kors boots

Michael by Michael Kors boots $245

SAM jacket

SAM jacket $295

surrell aviator hat

Surell aviator hat $59.50

mukluk boots

Muk Luks boots $122

burberry brit coat

Burberry Brit jacket $695

the north face boots

The North Face boots $129.95

ugg tech earmuffs

Ugg leather and shearling tech earmuffs $85

moncler coat

Moncler coat $1095

merona flip top gloves

Merona flip top gloves $8.79

Jonathan Adler neck warmer

Jonathan Adler neck warmer

Trotters boots

Trotters boots $94.95

Mossimo coat

Mossimo coat $35.99

madeline thompson scarf

Madeline Thompson scarf $160

Merona boots

Merona boots $44.99

And, of course, for the little ones…


Gap jacket $65


Gap hat $16.99

ugg booties

Ugg booties $50

C9 by Champion ski pants and jacket set

C9 by champion ski pants and jacket set $54.99

sorel boys boots

Sorel boots $60

The North Face gloves

The North Face gloves $24

Andrew Marc coat

Andrew Marc coat $158.40

Juicy hat

Juicy Couture hat $48

juicy couture texting gloves

Juicy Couture texting gloves $48

Sorel boots girls

Sorel girl’s boots $80

hm overalls

H&M overalls $69.95

spiked trapper

Spiked trapper hat $8.79

h&M fleece lined boots

H&M fleece lines boots $29.95

ralph lauren snowsuit

Ralph Lauren snowsuit $104.62

ralph gloves

Ralph Lauren hat and gloves set $38.50

north face bootie

North Face Booties $29.95

ZeriXposur jacket and bib snowpants

ZeroXposur jacket and snow bib $35.90

portolano hat

Portolano cashmere hat $45

portolano mittens

Portolano mittens $45

zara coat

Zara coat $35.90


Gap hat and mittens set $26.95

hm booties

H&M baby booties $9.95

hm mittens

H&M mittens $9.95

pink platinum coat and snow bib set

Pink Platinum coat and snow bib set $36.99

cherokee gloves

Cherokee gloves $4.79

circo boots

Circo boots $24.99

j crew expedition parka

J Crew expedition parka $148

j crew gloves

J Crew gloves $70

snowmaster boots

Snowmaster boots $34.99

j crew puffer coat

J Crew coat $148

j crew hat

J Crew hat $32

j crew scarf

J Crew Scarf $42

stride rite boots

Stride Rite boots $33.79

burberry puffer snowsuit with gloves and booties

Burberry puffer snowsuit with gloves and booties $295

Add down puffer and mittens

Add down puffer with mittens $138.60

cherokee earmuffs

Cherokee earmuffs $6.39

The North Face girl booties

The North Face booties $30


MOMMA LOVES… babies wearing black

Who says babies can’t wear black?  A friend of mine sent me a book called Urban Babies Wear Black right after I had Max and I love reading it to him and I love dressing him in black.  Its elegant yet has a bit of an edge – and then there’s the added benefit that black hides a multitude of stains!  Black is the forgotten neutral for babies – people tend to gravitate towards white, yellow, green for non gender specific colors but how sweet and somewhat ironic is it to see these little ones in the urban favorite? Babies wearing black is actually one of my favorite things to see and beyond cute!  It somehow manages to highlight their sweetness and innocence.  Black also lends itself to more humorous and fashion forward designs which are always a crowd favorites.  Check out some of my favorite little black looks for our little ones…

urban babies

Urban Babies Wear Black board book $6.95

sarah kety moto footie

Sara Kety moto footies $28


Gap shoes $12.99

Peek shirt

Peek top $34


Gap knit pants $14.95


Gap dress $24.95

converse sneakers

Converse sneakers $32

juicy couture top and leggings

Juicy Couture star print top and leggings $66


Gap glow in the dark hoodie $29.99

harajuku tutu legging

Harajuku tutu leggings $20

homies brian lichtenberg

Brian Lichtenberg sweatshirt $95

sara kety onesie

Sara Kety onesie $20

7 for all mankind black houdstooth jeans

7 for all Mankind black houdstooth jeans $59

hartstrings coat

Hartstrings coat $104

nununu no tee

Nununu top $42

ugg blk boots

Ugg Australia boots $100


Old Navy pajamas $10.46

peek dress

Peek dress $28

nununu sparkle pants

Nununu sparkle pants $50

melissa shoes

Melissa shoes $50

hm sweatshirt

H&M sweatshirt $24.95

sofi infant top

Sofi infant top $34

adidas tracksuit

Adidas tracksuit $42

sara kety onesie 2

Sara Kety onesie $20

EMU australia boots

EMU Australia boots $48.95


Gap skirt $26.95



MOMMA LOVES – the little black dress (the go to favorite)

Yes… I know.  ANOTHER post on the little black dress…. But, New Years Eve is coming and the truth is – the little black dress will always have a staring role in everyone’s wardrobe. It is truly the go-to classic.  Its safe, figure flattering, forever appropriate and always chic.  The little black dress can last a lifetime because it truly never goes out of style.  There are SO many amazing little black dresses out there that I could probably do a full post on little black dresses every day for a year!  So, I wanted to do a select for you of the varying little black dress styles available – from lace to peplum to cutouts to fit and flare.  Every fabric and silhouette imaginable and at every price point.  They can take you from desk to date and party to party, never looking out of place.  It is the ultimate wardrobe staple – you can dress it down with a blazer and a pair of pumps for the office then dress it up with some jewels and amazing  accessories for evening.  Black can help to conceal figure flaws but can also show off your amazing silhouette once you’ve proudly shed the baby weight!  Check out some of my top picks below, the little black dress is truly an investment you never regret..

herve leger dress

Herve Leger dress $1690

4. collective lbd

4. collective dress $275


Asos dress $54.45

Cushnie et Ochs dress

Cushnie et Ochs dress $1350

maje dress lbd

Maje dress $415


Diane Von Furstenberg dress $365


New Look dress $45.35

rag and bone dress

Rag and Bone dress $325

Club Monaco Lbd

Club Monaco dress $229


New Look dress $23.58

helmut lang dress

Helmut Lang dress $210

zara dress

Zara dress $59.50

donna karan lbd

Donna Karan dress $750


Asos dress $90.74

alice + olivia dress

Alice + Olivia dress $128

DKNY dress

DKNY dress $395

herve leger dress

Herve Leger dress $950

aqua dress

Aqua dress $61.60

Velvet dress

Velvet dress $169

zara lbd

Zara dress $79.90

AND a handful or maxi options for those who might have a black tie event…

Alexis dress

Alexis dress $595

laundry dress

Laundry dress $165.93

catherine deane dress

Catherine Deane dress $1350


Asos dress $99.82

rachel pally dress

Rachel Pally dress $224

bcbg lbd

BCBG dress $498

MOMMA KNOWS… shapewear – what lies beneath the dress.

As a fashion stylist I am often working with celebrities for their red carpet appearances.  The trick with red carpet is there is no retouching and there is no cheating angles – you have to get it absolutely perfect.  A large part of getting the overall look perfect is getting the fit right – and so we have come to rely on shapewear.  That’s right, spanx baby!  You didn’t actually think celebrities were completely perfect did you?   Everyone needs a bit of extra support and there is no shame in that! It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 2 or a size 12, women need that little bit of extra something to smooth out the lumps and bumps for the best possible silhouette.  The holidays are upon us and we have dresses to pour ourselves into (while we pour ourselves another cocktail) – so, just in time, here are some of my go-to favorite shapewear from my stylist kit that helps transform celebrities into fashion icons.

spanx high waisted briefs

Spanx high waisted briefs $36

spanx full slip

Spanx full slip $98

spanx thong

Spanx thong $72


spanx high-waisted thigh shaper

Spanx high-waisted thigh shaper $72

spanx tights

Spanx tights $28

dmondaine slip

Dmondaine slip $170

spanx shaper

Spanx shaper $38

yummy tummy bustless slip

Yummy Tummy bustless slip $57

spanx maternity hose

Spanx maternity hosiery $28

spanx maternity

Spanx maternity mid thigh $32

While we’re talking about what goes under the dress… a nude thong is a must have.  Panty lines are never in style – so don’t mess the dress ladies!  If you don’t have them already – these are the first thing models and celebrities must put on when they’re on set with me.

spanx thong but

Spanx thong $20

commando thong

Commando thong $24

Victoria's Secret thong

Victoria’s Secret thong $8.50