MOMMA NEEDS… kid friendly furniture (that looks great)

photo 4

Soft furnishings with rounded edges makes the living room a little more safe.

One of the things I’m always on the hunt for is furniture that looks amazing but won’t serve as a potential death trap for my little one.  That’s right, kid friendly furniture that isn’t an eye sore…  I want my living space to be chic and presentable but still safe enough for my little one to explore and climb without having to be hovering over him on toddler watch the whole time.  Short of bubble wrapping the living room this seemed like an impossible mission – but its not.  Kid friendly furniture simply means choosing rounder pieces and softer options.  And, yes – plush furniture without corners doesn’t have to mean living in a gymboree – there is so much incredible kid friendly furniture out there at varying price points that will allow you to reclaim your gorgeous home while also keeping your little ones safe.  Always remember – that nothing is entirely injury proof (besides a padded room) there are just safer option – always keep a close watch on your little ones – these furnishings will simply allow us worry warts to relax… a bit…

Pottery Barn chesterfield sofa

Pottery Barn chesterfield sofa $1899

West Elm side table

West Elm side table $119

Anthropologie chair

Anthropologie chair $498

Pearl River Modern NY side table

Pearl River Modern NY side table $119

Nora round tufted ottoman

Nora round tufted ottoman $999

Leo console table

Leo console table $2199

Hayden armless chair

Hayden armless chair $189.99

West Elm dining table

West Elm dining table $399

Griffin nailhead dining chairs (set of 2)

Griffin nailhead dining chairs (set of 2) $259

Anthropologie nightstand

Anthropologie nightstand $278

West ELm ainslie sofa

West Elm ainslie sofa $1149

Pottery Barn trunk
Pottery Barn trunk $799
Anthropologie pouf

Anthropologie pouf $158

Semisfera coffee table

Semisfera coffee table $1898

Valetta tufted bench

Valetta tufted bench $299

Gemma cinch accent table

Gemma cinch accent table $279

Pottery Barn rectangular ottoman

Pottery Barn rectangular ottoman $999

tufted chaise settee

tufted chaise settee $479.99 

Anthropologie dining table

Anthropologie dining table $998

Pearl River Modern NY dining chair

Pearl River Modern NY dining chair $165

Pearl River Modern NY coffee table magazine holder

Pearl River Modern NY coffee table magazine holder $329

Moroccan pouf

Moroccan pouf (comes in various colors) $199

Anthropologie sofa

Anthropologie sofa $1998

The Great Room dining table

The Great Room dining table $919

Clarissa dining chairs

Clarissa dining chairs $248

MATERNITY MONDAY – the nursery essentials


clockwise from top left – days before max’s arrival – bassinet is ready (and so am I), max in his bassinet, and pictures of the nursery prepped and ready from months of nesting…

There is a reason we’re pregnant for 9 months – and it’s not just so our babies can cook (well, its mostly for that) – but it’s also to give us time to prepare for baby mentally and physically!  You may notice around 5 months that you go into full on nesting mode.  I actually woke up one day compelled to get organized – I woke my husband up at 6am on a Saturday with the words “we need to get to Target right now.”  There is an urgency that comes with pregnancy to get your space ready for the new arrival, so I am dedicating this post to the nursery essentials to get your started!  I’m not talking about baby clothes and plush toys – I’m talking about the nursery essentials to help satisfy your nesting needs.

THE BASSINET:  This is far more a nursery essential that a crib for the first 3 months.  The first 3 months of life your baby will most likely be in your room with you (for both convenience and the  health and safety of your new little on), so a bassinet (or moses basket) you can put next to your bed and easily take with you from room to room is a must have.  Babies sleep A LOT in the beginning so the bassinet is where they will be spending the bulk of their time.

white nod bassinety and bedding sets

white nod bassinety and bedding sets $399

The First Years bassinet

The First Years “carry me near” bassinet $128.99

Summer Infant by your side sleeper

Summer Infant by your side sleeper $44.99

Kolcraft cuddle 'n care bassinet

Kolcraft cuddle ‘n care bassinet $103.99

Badger Basket moses basket

Badger Basket moses basket $38.99

Graco pack 'n playard

Graco pack ‘n playard $159.99 (amazing – playard, changing station and bassinet for nap time!)

THE CHANGING TABLE.  You will be changing A LOT of diapers – more than you ever though possible so a changing table or dresser or at the very least the countered changing pad is essential.  I have 2 of the changing pads – one for in the nursery and one that I keep in the bathroom for bath time – but is easy to take from room to room is need be.  If you’re limited for space a great dresser can double as a changing table while also giving you storage for all those cute baby clothes!

Land of Nod blake dresser

Land of Nod blake dresser $699

Savannah Collection changing table

Savannah Collection changing table $139.99

Simmons Madisson changing top

Simmons Madisson changing top $24.99 (to help transform dressers to changing table tops!)

Fisher Price double dresser

Fisher Price double dresser $279.99

Summer Infant countour changing pad

Summer Infant countour changing pad $24.99

Land of Nod change it up changing table

Land of Nod change it up changing table $315

Delta Bentley changing table

Delta Bentley changing table $129.99

Badger corner changing table

Badger Basket corner changing table $204.99 (great space saver)

BREAST FEEDING ESSENTIALS:  Breast feeding, for me, was the hardest part of the whole newborn process – but totally worth it and for those that are struggling keep at it, find a pump station and don’t be afraid to ask for help from a lactation consultant…  Nothing is better than breast milk for babies (if you can do it) for those who struggle with latching issues pumping is always a great option.  My son was 9 pound 5 ounces when he was born, so I had to start pumping while at the hospital to try to increase my milk production.  Pumping (and my daily oatmeal) helped me become an over producer, which was great because I was able to pump enough to keep him on rest milk 4 months after I stopped breast feeding.  Just make sure you have the proper tools to make your life as easy as possible during this time!  Also – get comfortable – have a great chair  (check out my post from a couple weeks ago on gliders and rockers ) the more relaxed you aren the more relaxed baby is and the easier the whole process.

Medela Pump in Style breast pump

Medela Pump in Style breast pump $224.99

Earth Mama Angel nipple cream

Earth Mama Angel nipple cream $8.89

My Breast Friend Deluxe nursing pillow

My Breast Friend Deluxe nursing pillow $34.99

Simple Wishes hands free breast pump bustier

Simple Wishes hands free breast pump bustier $37.99

Boppy nursing cover

Boppy nursing cover $29.99

SWADDLE BLANKETS:  Swaddling is a must do for baby – it keeps them warm, safe and secure almost replicating the tight security from being in the womb.  I read Dr. Karp’s  The Happiest Baby on the Block about a week after having Max and it was a game changer.  Once I figured out how to swaddle (shush, sway etc) I felt like I finally had some sort of grasp of the whole parenting thing…  So having great swaddle blankets are serious nursery essential!

Aden + Anais swaddle 4 pack

Aden + Anais swaddle 4 pack $49.95 (these are great for swaddling but also just covering baby up for outings and keeping around the house for unexpected spit ups or a cozy cuddle)

Aden + Anais for Target swaddle 4 pack

Aden + Anais for Target swaddle 4 pack $34.99

Dr. Karp white noise CD & Swaddle lite blankets

Dr. Karp white noise CD & Swaddle lite blankets $39.99

Summer Infant velcro swaddle 2 pack

Summer Infant velcro swaddle 2 pack $21.79 (obsessed with these – they’re fool proof and little one can’t break free – fantastic for those delirious middle of the night feeds and changes)

Miracle Blanket swaddle

Miracle Blanket swaddle $29.99

Swaddle Me organic cotton swaddle

Swaddle Me organic cotton swaddle $18.49

BOUNCERS, ROCKERS & SWINGS:  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my fisher price monkey chair and snuggabunny were my life savers during the first 9 months of Max’s life.  Unbelievable how these little chairs can instantly soothe our little ones and allow us some hands free time to do other things like cook or even use the bathroom.  One night, after hours of middle of night screaming, I got on the computer and ordered the monkey chair (which a friend of mine had and swore by) and when it arrived my whole life became 10 times easier.  I buy one of these chairs for all of my expectant friends knowing they’ll truly understand it’s value soon enough…

Fisher-Price Monkey bouncer

Fisher-Price Monkey bouncer $40.99 (ugly, yes – but a miracle worker – I didn’t use the toy bar until he was a bit older and then that was great entertainment for him as well!)

Fisher-Price SnugaMonkey bouncer

Fisher-Price SnugaMonkey bouncer $59.99

Bright Starts bouncer

Bright Starts bouncer $29.99

fisher price snugapuppy swing

Fisher Price snugapuppy swing $139.99

Tiny Love 3 in 1 rocker

Tiny Love 3 in 1 rocker $83.99

Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play sleeper

Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play sleeper $58.99

Baby Bjorn bouncer

Baby Bjorn bouncer $219.95

BABY MONITORS:  As I mentioned, your baby will sleep A LOT in the first couple of months (although not always when you want them to) so having a great baby monitor is essential.  Being able to see, hear and even talk to your baby when they’re in the next room can give you peace of mind to do the things you need to (like nap) while they sleep.  Technology is so amazing that you can even get monitors with wi-fi  which will allow you to connect through an app on your mobile device so you can monitor your child even when you’re not at home! Another great monitor, for those particular nervous about SIDS, are pads you can put under them which will alert you to any sudden changes in their breathing.

Summer Infant Baby Zoom wi-fi monitor

Summer Infant Baby Zoom wi-fi video monitor $259.99 (monitor which you can download an app for so that you can monitor your baby from your iPhone when out of the house!)

Motorola digital baby monitor

Motorola digital audio/video baby monitor $179.99

Mobi Secrure Start baby monitor

Mobi Secrure Start digital audio/video baby monitor $149.99

The First Years talk and soother baby monitor

The First Years talk and soother baby monitor $99.99

Safe to Sleep sleep and breathing monitor

Safe to Sleep sleep and breathing baby monitor $299.99

Angelcar movement and sound monitor

Angelcar movement and sound monitor $110.99

CAR SEAT:  The first thing you need when you leave the hospital after baby is a car seat to get your little one home!  There are plenty of great infant car seats – just make sure to never buy a second hand car seat (this is a big no-no) and to get it properly installed (there are places that have professional car seat installers – even a fire station or highway patrol will help install it correctly).  Remember to keep your babies rear facing until 2.  Some people like to turn their little ones around sooner but there is absolutely no question that before the age of 2, if you get in an accident with little one in the car they are far safer when they are rear facing.   The great thing about these infant car seats is that they are also carriers so take into restaurants or to snap into a stroller frame without having to wake your sleeping angel.

Graco SnugRide 30 infant car seat

Graco SnugRide 30 infant car seat $129.99

Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat

Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat $189.99

Safety 1st onBoard 35 infant car seat

Safety 1st onBoard 35 infant car seat $140.99

Graco SnugRider stroller frame

Graco SnugRider stroller frame $84.99

MOMMA NEEDS… furniture without corners

I have a wild child.  He is 19 months, a boy, and ready to conquer the world.  He runs, climbs and  knows no fear.  He also trips, falls, bumps his head and gets stuck multiple times a day as he explores and learns.  My job as a parent is to limit the liability – child proof and keep a watchful eye.  Still, accidents happen and one great solution I have found is furniture without corners.  Forget the ugly foam corners ruining all our formerly chic furniture – they look hideous and he’s now figured out how to rip them off…  I can’t wrap him in cotton wool or lock him in a padded room, but I can invest in some gorgeous furniture that I love and won’t serve as baby booby traps.  Furniture without corners is a concept almost too good to be true – I might actually be able to cook in the next room while he plays happily in the living room knowing that he is safe.  Will he still trip, fall and bump his head?  Sure, he’s a toddler, but soft and rounded edges are the next best thing to bubble wrapping all my furniture and it sure looks better!  We would go to the greatest lengths to keep our little ones safe, yet we want them to explore and climb and investigate the world around them – so get rid of all those sharp edges and put your mind at ease – here are some great furniture without corners options for the home…

west elm ottoman

West Elm ottoman $299

target futon

Target Futon $189.09 (comes in black and white)

mosaic occasional table

One Kings Lane mosaic occasional table $299

west elm chair

West elm chair $381

Chintaly Dahlia Parson dining table

Chintaly Dahlia Parson dining table $612.04

west elm dining chair

West Elm dining chair $489.99 – $989.99 (depending on how many you want)

anthropologie ottoman

Anthropologie bench ottoman $1298

west elm sectional

West Elm sectional $1783

cusp lounge chair

Cusp lounge chair $599

respite console table

One Kings Lane respite console table $499

Pottery Barn ottoman coffee table

Pottery Barn ottoman table $999

west elm pouf

West Elm pouf $199

target accent table

Target accent table $56.99

one kings lane pair of dining chairs

One Kings Lane pair of dining chairs $329

anthropologie dining table

Anthropologie dining table $5998

JAckson wingback chair

Jackson wingback chair $195.99

Monarch side table

Monarch side table $104.99

pottery barn tufted bench

Pottery Barn tufted bench $699

west elm coffee table

West Elm Coffee Table $349

sydney stool

Sydney stool $449

west elm livingston sofa

West Elm livingston sofa $1249

piper ottoman

Piper Ottoman $339

deco side table

Deco side table $549

safavieh bench

Safavieh bench $345

MOMMA LOVES… glider or rocking chair – nursery essential!


First week of Max’s life and I’m not sure if the glider was rocking him or my poor sleep deprived husband to sleep!

A friend of mine came over the other day with her 3 month old and, as babies do, she started to fuss.  My friend removed herself from dinner and went into Max’s nursery and came out 5 minutes later (without baby – who was snoozing happily in Max’s crib) proclaiming “I need to get one of those rockers!”   Absolutely she does – without a doubt having a great glider or rocking chair is a MUST.  We spend so much time breast feeding, reading to our little ones, snuggling and rocking that is absolutely a nursery essential for both you and baby!  I confess I still rock max to sleep and its one of my favorite pieces of furniture in the house.  While pregnant (and going through my nesting phase) I searched high and low for a glider or rocking chair that wouldn’t just serve purpose but in the long run was a beautiful piece of furniture.  My Monte glider will be with us for the long haul – Max will now climb onto it himself when he’s tired and just snuggle up happily.  The glider or rocking chair has come a long way in recent years – they’re not the old fashioned style from days of yore – they’re chic, modern and incredibly comfortable!  Check out some of my top picks for a glider or rocking chair that will transform your child’s nursery and your life helping you soothe them to sleep in stylish comfort.

monte glider

Monte glider $995 – this is the actual glider I bought and I LOVE it! Comes in varying colors…

Eddie Bauer chair and a half rocker

Eddie Bauer chair and a half rocker $399.99 – amazing if you have twins or just want extra room for you and your little one!

dylan swivel glider

Dylan swivel glider $764.15

Monte rocking chair

Monte rocking chair $995

Little Charleston swivel glider

Little Charleston swivel glider $499.99

Pottery Barn rocker

Pottery Barn rocker $699-$999 depending on color

Stork Craft glider with ottoman

Stork Craft glider with ottoman $187.99

West Elm glider

West Elm glider $949

potter barn slipcovered wingback glider

Pottery Barn slipcovered glider $1199 (amazing – because its washable for all those accidents that come with babies)

Babyletto Madison swivel glider

Babyletto Madison swivel glider $349.99

Pottery Barn tudor rocker

Pottery Barn tudor rocker $799


MOMMA NEEDS… storage solutions for the holiday haul

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday – gifts, food, friends, family and the joy of watching kids enjoying the magic of christmas… But what are we left with?  That’s right – a big old mess.  Its amazing how much things can accumulate and now that all the gifts that had been neatly stored under a tree that’s soon to disappear, what do we do with all this new stuff?  It’s time to start thinking about storage solutions because in the new year I really do resolve to reclaim my living room!  And my bedroom and office and kitchen and bathroom…  In order to do this I need some proper storage that looks chic in my living room and storage that’s cute for his room.  2014 is coming people and I want to start the new year right with a clean slate and a clean home.  So, here are my storage solutions that look great and can hide all the new acquisitions…

for our space…

trunk side table

Pottery Barn side table $499

west elm storage bed frame

West Elm storage bed frame $1199-1299

storage ottoman target

Target storage ottoman $49.98

Safaveieh storage bench

Safavieh storage bench $475.95

pottery barn lockers

Pottery Barn lockers $699

west elm storage coffee table

West Elm storage coffee table $499

An Elegant Retreat storage bench

An Elegant Retreat storage bench $419

sonoma life + style trunk

Sonoma life + style storage trunk $249.99

storage ottoman

Safavieh storage ottoman $178

find your fit bed

Find Your Fit storage bed $699-$829

For the kids areas…

brownstone bookcase

Land of Nod storage bookcase $599

pottery barn woven nursery storage

Pottery Barn woven nursey storage $47 – $79

levels of discovery storage bench

Levels of Discovery storage bench $199.95

Firehouse bookcase

Firehouse bookcase $83.99

KidKraft dollhouse book case

KidKraft dollhouse bookcase $124.99

Step2 create & store center

Step2 Create & Store center $80.99

Land of nod cubby cups

Land of Nod cubby cups $24.95

Taxi storage

Kids Taxi book storage $279.99

land of nod activity table with storage

Land of Nod activity table with storage $499

Step2 lift and roll toy box

Step 2 lift and roll toy box $41.99 (they can roll the toys they want to play with into the living room and then right back out again!)

Toydozer clean up set

Toydozer clean up set $14.99

And now its time to store all those Christmas decorations away…. and while you’re in the attic, garage or basement storing things – you may as well put away any toys and clothes that are not longer being used…  That is, if there might be more kids in the future… Also consider donating things that you haven’t used in a year to good will – we have enough clutter in our life – may as well give those things that we no longer use to those who will…

sterilite storage containers

Sterilite 66qt storage containers (set of 6) $75.98

sterilite 2 layer set of 4

Sterilite 2 layer stack and carry (set of 4) $45.56

hefty storage

Hefty 34qt storage box (set of 6) $53.94




MOMMA PLEASE… cool nursery furniture for kids of all ages

I wanted to do a quick post on great nursery and kids room furnishings… I saw this amazing sale on today and there are things I covet and wanted to share with all of you.  I love a pop of color, some modern shapes, and just great “make believe” furnishings that my little one can enjoy.  Here are some fabulous additions for our kiddo’s space!

pangea home

Pandea home chair $369

pangea home kids

Pangea home chair $419

vetro crib bel bambini

Vetro crib $3950

kidkraft bed

Kid Craft bed $135.99

fantasy bed

cottage loft bed $1899

kid kraft kitchen

Kid Kraft kitchen $142.12 (to get him out of my kitchen!)

kidkraft vintage kitchen

Kid Kraft vintage kitchen $186

snurk princess duvet and pillow set

Snurk princess duvet and pillow set $120

rainbow nightlight

Urban Outfitters Rainbow nightlight $16

kid kraft firehouse book shelf

Kid Kraft book shelf $108.49

bloom fresco highchair

Bloom Fresco highchair $650

baby piano

Schoenhut Elite Spinet & bench piano $118.49

MOMMA NEEDS…furniture without corners

So your beloved little one finally starts moving around, crawling, cruising, walking and it dawns on you… you live in a toddler death trap!  There are sharp edges jutting out everywhere so you get to childproofing the house.  Chic living space be gone is more like it.  Its literally like living in a padded room which, while hideous, is better than living in a toddler death trap.  So here I am, on the hunt, the hunt for furniture without corners.  Curvy not edgy, rounded lines not straight ones and most important chic furniture that won’t injure my child.  Here are some of my favorite contemporary furniture finds (special note – items from and are on special sales that are for a limited time but even if you miss the sale – keep checking these sites as things come back up for sale again)…

Cuddle chair Z-gallerie

Z gallerie cuddle chair $899 available a (love the thought of cuddling up with little one for story time)

capellini superhero furniture

Capellini armchair and poufs prices vary from $1656 to $555 available at

modern bookshelf Julien Vidame

wavy bookshelf by Julien Vidame $805 available at

Moroccan end table

Z Gallerie end table $499 available at (also there is a coffee tale version of this – both have storage which you can never get too much of)

Cardiff tufted pouf

Design Studios Cardiff tufted pouf $395 available at ** perfect as a coffee table

yellow chaise

Target tufted chaise settee $479.99 available at (love some pop of color in an otherwise neutral room)

Modern occasional table

Target occasional table $99.09 available at

chic dining chairs

Blue Lark pair of dining chairs $279 available at

concealed shelf

Concealed shelf $13 available at

bean bag hammock union jack

Le Beanock beanbag hammock $800 available at

tufted sofa

Z Gallerie Olivia sofa $1299 available at

hepburn storage ottoman one kings lane

Hepburn storage ottoman $199 available at

clemence coffee table one kings

Clemence coffee table $489 available at

carolyn tufted chair pottery barn

Pottery Barn tufted chair $499 available at






MOMMA NEEDS… to reclaim her living room

I am on a constant quest to reclaim our living room.  With a toddler this seems an impossible task.  There are toys everywhere in the brightest colors imaginable and we always laugh that our living room is actually Max’s playroom, we’re just living in it…  So this is my mission – find chic storage that fits a grown up decor where we can hide his toys when visitors come…  Here are some of my top storage ottomans and trunk finds (although stay tuned – this is an ongoing mission).


Target storage bench $174.99 available at

gilt storage bench

SF Desings storage bench $225 available at


storage trunk $300 available at


Target ottoman $89.99 available at


Four Hands trunk $699 available at


Pottery Barn bench $699 available at