MOMMA PLEASE??? floral print dresses that make me wish I had a little girl

I love my little boy. I would not trade him for anything in the world – but I have to say when I first found out I was having a boy I felt a twinge of sadness… As a stylist, I always imagines shopping on the pink side of the store and all the cute little dresses I could put my little girl in and the fun we would have going shopping…  Perhaps its best that I had a little boy (for my our wallet anyway).  My husband is one of 5 boys and all the boys have boys so it was always going to be in my cards – that said, I am so in love with my baby boy and having so much fun with him and even enjoying the rough and tumble world of dressing my little man.  Then it happens… I come across these little floral print dresses.  So sweet and beautiful and charming and I know I’ll probably never get to buy them for my offspring.  The truth is I’m not actually a girly girl anyway…  I don’t wear floral prints much in my life, I’ve always been more Punky Brewster than pretty and prissy… but as a stylist I sure do appreciate the sweetness of little floral dresses…  So, I pass on my top floral dress picks to the mom’s of all  the sweet little girls out there and hope to see pictures…  With the holidays fast approaching I know every little girl needs a holiday frock!!

floral print dress pretty princess Zara

Zara dress $35.90 available at

floral dress pretty princes Peek Kids

Peek dress $68 available at

floral print dress pretty princess J Crew

J Crew dress $88 available at

floral print dress pretty princess H&M $

H&M dress $12.95 available at

floral print dress pretty princess US Angels

US Angels dress $107 available at

floral print dress pretty princess oscar de la renta

Oscar de la Renta dress $206.50 available at


Peek dress $42.99 available at

floral print dress pretty princess Zara

Zara dress $39.90 available at


Dolce & Gabbana dress $990 available at

Floral print pretty grunge dress Zara

Zara dress $42.90 available at


Anavini dress and bloomers $78 available at

floral appliqué dress pretty princess Biscotti

Biscotti Girls’ dress $92 available at


Zara dress $42.90 available at

And for those girls who aren’t so girly… but still want to recognize the floral print with a bit of an edge… the infamous Dr. Martens boots… OBSESSED!

floral punk Dr Martens

Dr Martens boots $78 available at www.

RUNWAY REINVENTED… bambi gets high fashion

Designers find inspiration from many places…  The designer’s own archives, street style, movies, art and often their own childhoods.  Givenchy designer, Ricardo Tisci, often uses graphic prints in his designs which sets the fashion world on fire and sends fashion editors and celebrities alike clamoring to get his latest “it” piece.  His growling rotteweiler print tops sold out immediately when they came out years ago and inspired countless knock offs.  Well, for his Fall/Winter collection he sent out a new print inspired from his youth – a bambi print fused with the image of a lady.  Once again celebrities and the fashion elite went nuts over the look and it has already been photographed on countless celebrities and been featured in every magazine that could get their hands on it.   Furthermore, Kim Kardashian instagrammed a picture of a miniature version of the top which Tisci (longtime friend and collaborator of Kanye West) sent for baby Noth.  So, once again we have the age old circle of fashion of who inspires who… Perhaps our children might be more stylish than we are – setting trends before they even become trends…  Here are the Givenchy pieces that have hit stores and some options for our little ones to keep up with the trend (before they start setting the next ones)…

Givenchy bambi sweatshirt

Givench sweatshirt $1219.05

givenchy bambi sweatshirt

Givenchy sweatshirt $1375 WAS available at ***SOLD OUT

givenchy bambi t-shirt

Givenchy bambi t-shirt $653.12

bambi clutch Givenchy

Givenchy clutch $2340 available at

Bambi kids tshirt H&M

H&M t-shirt $9.95 available at

bambi tshirt Zara kids

Zara t-shirt $17.90 available at

And, while its not the bambi print, here is another Givenchy combination print top that actually IS still available to buy (for now) and a few other inspired ways for us to get the look…

givenchy print tee

Givenchy t-shirt $570 available at

printed sweatshirt Zara

Zara sweatshirt $59.90 available at

Zara combination print sweatshirt

Zara sweatshirt $35.90 available at

MOMMA PLEASE??? boho baby style

Boho chic has been popularized most recently by one of THE most fashionable mom’s in the world, Kate Moss. Its one part hippie, one part rock n’roll and one part gypsy.  Its eclectic, referential, sweet, punk, classic, pretty and effortlessly cool. Furthermore, its a perfect look for our little ones.  The bohemian look is so darling when miniaturized for our kids and the more you mix and match color and textures the sweeter it looks.  A little floral dress with a faux suede vest and fringed boots, colorful corduroys with a chunky fair isle sweater – youthful yet pulled together it will always be one of my favorite looks.  Here are some of my favorite boho pieces for our precious babies.

First for the little ladies:

boho dress baby

Zara dress $35.90 available at

boho boot baby zara

Zara boot $45.90 available at

boho vest baby old navy

Old Navy vest $7.97

boho leggings fair isle baby gap

Gap leggings $24.95 available at

boho bag fringe zara

Zara bag $39.90 available at

boho dress kids peek

Peek dress $42 available at

boho boot zara kdis

Zara boots $59.90 available at

boho vest kids peek

Peek vest $58 available at

boho jeans gap kids

Gap jeans $16.99

boho dress floral zara kids

Zara dress $42.90 available at

boho bag zara

Zara bag $29.90 available at

boho knit dress h&m kids

H&M dress $14.95 available at

boho boots h&M

H&M boots $19.95 available at

boho blouse kids zara

Zara blouse $35.90 available at

And for the little gentlemen…

colorful cords gap kids

Gap cords $29.95

boho cardigan kids h&m

H&M cardigan $19.95 available at

boho hightops zara sneakers kids

Zara shoes $49.90 available at

boho shirt boys zara

Zara shirt $29.90 available at

boho knit romper old navy kids

Old Navy one piece $29.94 available at

boho boots kids zara

Zara boot $49.90 available at

boho jeans suspenders boys h&m

H&M pants $17.95 available at

boho trapper hat kids gap

Gap hat $22.95 available at

boho sweater kids zara

Zara sweater $35.90 available at

boho scarf boys zara

Zara scarf $19.90 available at

boho desert boot boys zara kids

Zara boot $55.90 available at

boho sweater kids gap

Gap sweater $39.96 available at

boho suspender pants boys zara

Zara pants $39.90 available at

boho cardigan boys zara

Zara cardigan $45.90 available at


MOMMA PLEASE??? superheroes and princesses

Since the beginning of time kids have enjoyed playing dress up… and as long as there have been stories of superheroes and fairy princesses, these have been the go-to characters little boys and girls have loved to dress up as.  We often laugh at how our son, Max, looks like a young Clark Kent (Superman curl and all) and this year I was hoping to dress him as superman for Halloween.  Sadly, the costume I wanted didn’t come in his size… so we went with Spiderman.  Thus, in honor of Halloween and all the kids out there getting dressed tonight as their childhood heroes, I wanted to feature some of my favorite  superhero and princess themed clothing (added bonus – it’s a lot less of a battle getting them dressed in the morning when their outfit features one of their favorite characters!)

first the princesses:


H$M t-shirt 2 pack $17.95 available at


Disney puffer jacket $39.99 available at


Disney sleepwear $34 available at


Couture Clip tutu $28 available at


Disney t-shirt $12 available at


Disney ballet flats 19.99 available at


Snurk Girls duvet and pillow set $80 available at (not clothing but WOW is this cute!)

and the superheroes:


Old Navy sweatshirt $24.95 available at


Old Navy t-shirt $16.94 available at


Junk Food hat $24.95 available at


City Threads onesie $14.40 available at


Batman sleepwear $13.49 available at


Superhero sweater $22.99 available at


Junkfood t-shirt $22.39 available at

MOMMA LOVES… the skull motif (for us and them)

So, in honor of Halloween week, I wanted to do a post featuring one of my favorite trends (which has been around since the beginning of time) the skull motif.  The punk movement made skulls rock and roll and over time they have become a mainstream style staple.  This is largely in part to Alexander Mcqueen using the skull motif repeatedly in his high end designs.  We can now find the skull print not only in the expensive market but at all price points for both ourselves and our mini-me’s.  Everything for clothing to accessories to jewelry and even furnishings – skulls are here to stay and they’re a great way to inject a bit of edge to your look and a bit of humor into theirs.  Here are some of my favorites:

First for us…


Alexander Mcqueen tank $295 available at


360 Sweater cashmere sweater $297 available at


Frye boots $598 available at


Equipment top $238 available at


Alexander Mcqueen clutch $1525 available at


Alexander Mcqueen bracelet $330 available at


Only sweater $56.95 available at

Be&D skullsneakersedit

Be&D sneakers $138 available at

and for them…


H&M jacket $24.95 available at


Butter hoodie $98 available at


Nununu sweatshirt $44 available at


Zara leggings $14.90 available at


Ralph Lauren $45 available at


H&M sweatshirt $14.95 available at



Cherokee hat $7.99 available at


Nununu playsuit $54 available at


Yosi Samara shoes $48 available at


Old Navy sweatshirt $10.99 available at


Autumn cashmere tank $98 available at


Old Navy top $6 available at



MOMMA ANNOUNCEMENT… sale happening right now!! is having a massive sale on Nununu right now! It’s one of my favorite cool kidswear designers – super soft, comfy and cute!  This stuff hardly EVER goes on sale so its a big deal.  go now, everything is on its way to being sold out – but you’ll have to fight me for what’s left!


the Nununu No! t-shirt and other iconic nununu pieces for a fraction of the price!


Nununu skull print yoga shorts $24 (down from $40)


Nununu Control Freak romper $34 (down from $57)

I could go on but I’ve got a sale to be shopping!



MINI-ME… boots

Here you go ladies – ankle boots for you and mathching ones for them.  Here are the little booties you and your little ones have to have!

First for us:


Isabel Marant boots $650 available at


Zara boots $129 available at

And for the little ladies…


Zara boot $55.90 available at


Cherokee boots $19.99 available at

and for the little guys (girls shouldn’t have all the fun!)…


Kenneth Cole Reaction boots $48 available at


MOMMA LOVES… the bat, cat and other animal prints (for us and them)

Inspired by Max’s trip to the pumpkin patch (in his halloween bat tee) I wanted to do a feature on animal prints.  I’m not talking about leopard print – I’m talking about actual prints of animals.  Miu Miu had a big hit a couple years back with a cat print which was featured on the runway on everything from jackets to shoes and now its a fun trend that is adorable on our little ones but equally chic for us to wear.  Here are some of my top picks, first for us:


Asos dress $39.16 available at


Topshop skirt $60 available at


Nasty Gal sweater $68 available at


Zara top $59.90 available at


Zoe Karssen pant $137 available at


Charlotte Olympia shoes $695 available at

and of course, for them…


Gap dress $24.95 available at


CWD Kids sleepwear $23.99 available at


H&M shoes $12.95 available at


Gap leggings $12.95 available at


H&M dress $14.95 available at



OshKosh B’gosh leggings $11.49 available at


Mini & Maximus sweatshirt $68 available at


HM cardigan $14.95 available at


Old Navy shirt $12 available at


MOMMA PLEASE??? color blocking for the little ones

The color blocking trend has been around for ages now and is showing no signs of going anywhere.  Those amazing bold pops of colors sometimes tonal, sometimes completely contrasting, are so illuminating and eye catching.  Of course, eye catching goes a long way since we’re keeping an eye on our little ones at all times, and the fact that color looks so darn cute on them makes this trend a must have for every kid’s wardrobe.   One part high fashion, one part Punky Brewster and 100% adorable here are some my favorite colorful pieces:


Old Navy cardigan $12 available at


H&M shoes $17.95 available at


H&M leggings $9.95 available at


Old Navy sweater $16 available at


Tea Collection dress $35 available at


H&M jacket $34.95 available at



Converse sneakers $32 available at


Splendid one piece $68 available at


American Apparel sweatshirt $26 available at

MOMMA, PLEASE??? the star print

Our little ones are our shining stars.  I would give him a million gold stars for cuteness if I could, so I enjoy dressing him in star prints so that I can remind him that he is my gold star.  Star prints have been such a major trend for years, from the runway to the red carpet to our own wardrobes as well as our kid’s wardrobes.  Its cute yet some how elegant and just as wearable for our little boys as well as for our little girls.  Here are some of my favorites:


Mini Rodini dress $76 available at


H&M overall $24.95 available at


Converse shoes $28.99 available at



Vans sneakers $32 available at


Carter’s hoodie $14.99 available at


Nununu pants $42 available at


Old Navy jeans $18 available at


Old Navy puffer jacket $35 available at


J Crew sweater $145 available at


Nununu dress $84 available at