MOMMA, PLEASE??? the star print

Our little ones are our shining stars.  I would give him a million gold stars for cuteness if I could, so I enjoy dressing him in star prints so that I can remind him that he is my gold star.  Star prints have been such a major trend for years, from the runway to the red carpet to our own wardrobes as well as our kid’s wardrobes.  Its cute yet some how elegant and just as wearable for our little boys as well as for our little girls.  Here are some of my favorites:


Mini Rodini dress $76 available at


H&M overall $24.95 available at


Converse shoes $28.99 available at



Vans sneakers $32 available at


Carter’s hoodie $14.99 available at


Nununu pants $42 available at


Old Navy jeans $18 available at


Old Navy puffer jacket $35 available at


J Crew sweater $145 available at


Nununu dress $84 available at


MOMMA WANTS… the little bright dress

Okay, so I have a Roland Mouret dress in black. It is my go-to little black dress and with good reason.  NOBODY cuts like Roland Mouret…  when I put on that dress I feel like a million dollars.  I look like a million dollars.  It was THE dress that post baby made me believe I got my body back (and ladies, they say it takes 9 months to put it on, 9 months to take it off – it took me a year).  So, here are some beautiful bright numbers that make me smile and fantasize.  Will, I buy any of them, probably not – I’m going to have preschool to pay for in a few years.  But it’s something to aspire to, dream of and have on my wish list.  Trust me, you will see these pop up again in the upcoming months when I do pages on the best Holiday dresses because he’s always one of my favorites!


Roland Mouret dress $2550 available at


Roland Mouret dress $2285 available at


MOMMA NEEDS… to reclaim her living room

I am on a constant quest to reclaim our living room.  With a toddler this seems an impossible task.  There are toys everywhere in the brightest colors imaginable and we always laugh that our living room is actually Max’s playroom, we’re just living in it…  So this is my mission – find chic storage that fits a grown up decor where we can hide his toys when visitors come…  Here are some of my top storage ottomans and trunk finds (although stay tuned – this is an ongoing mission).


Target storage bench $174.99 available at

gilt storage bench

SF Desings storage bench $225 available at


storage trunk $300 available at


Target ottoman $89.99 available at


Four Hands trunk $699 available at


Pottery Barn bench $699 available at


MOMMA NEEDS… the leather leggings (or at least leather like)

It may sound crazy – you may think you can’t wear leather leggings – but you can and you will feel comfortable (because they’re leggings) and you’ll look amazing (because they’re leather – or at least look like leather).  I wore my Helmut Lang leggings during pregnancy with a tunic top and a little blazer for a night out and even more significantly, I wore them in the few months post baby (when I still had the post baby pouch) and they made me feel human again because I could look in the mirror and feel good about what I saw.  Furthermore, I frequently wear them now and they’re one of the go to staples in my wardrobe.  Yes, the Helmut Lang leather leggings are expensive but when I think how often I wear them, how many compliments I get and that they’re still as relevant today (he does them every year) as they were when I bought them 2 years ago for me they were a great investment.  That said, see below for some alternative leather legging options as well as leather like options that will give you the same look for a fraction of the price (side note – for those women currently pregnant – the Asos leggings below also come in a maternity option!).


Helmut Lang leggings $920 available at


Asos leggings $44.50 available at


Velvet by Graham & Spencer leggings $140 available at


Les Chiffoniers leggings $1,390 available at


Zara leggings $35.90 available at


Isabel Marant leggings $2400 available at


Top Shop leggings $56 available at

MOMMA KNOWS… hair care tips

So, hair is my thing, trademark and my defining physical characteristic.  I am a long haired girl.  A REALLY long haired girl…  But now, with a child, I simply don’t have the time I once did to care for it.  So, here are some of my shortcuts and favorite products for maintaining your hair (whether you’re a long haired girl or not) when time is of the essence.

1) Don’t wash your hair every day.  I’m lucky if I get the chance to wash it every 3rd day and I think this is actually helping to keep it healthy.  Less heat on your hair means less damage.  For those who have a problem with hair looking greasy without more frequent washing – get a great dry shampoo for the in between days and where your hair up more.  You’ll touch it less when its up which means less oily transfer from your hands to your hair (also I find it so much easier to wear my hair back while playing with my child)


Batiste dry shampoo $7.75 available at www.


Hair bungee bands $3.50 available at

2) When you do wash your hair pay attention to the products you use and change up your shampoo and condition so that your hair doesn’t get to used to one.  You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on shampoo and conditioner – I’m obsessed with Neutrogena products because they’re just great quality and don’t leave build up.  Figure out what product work best for you and your hair type.  Another tip – while warm water opens up the hair follicles allowing better absorption of your shampoo and conditioners its also good to do a cold rinse on your hair before getting out of the shower to seal them back up again. Also, I confess, I’m starting to go grey but I don’t have the time to run off to the salon every month or two for a root touch up so when my grey roots start to peek out I touch them up at home and this allows me to push my salon appointment without looking like the bride of frankenstein.  Another tip – every 2 weeks or so I use a color guard conditioner to help boost and protect the color.

Neutrogena shampoo $6.09 available at

Neutrogena conditioner $6.30 available at

Clairol root touch up $13.85 available at


Aveda color conditioner $18 available at

3) Get great styling tools – a great brush and hairdryer (although, if you can air dry and avoid heat styling all together more power to you).  As far as brushes go, the Mason Pearson is the ultimate. Every hairstylist swears by it – its pricey but that’s because its the best.  That said, the most important thing is to find out what brush works best for you and your hair texture.  A brush that I can’t live without is my beloved Tangle Teezer – with long hair knots and rats nests are inevitable and this brush literally gets out those tangles in seconds. I truly believe that this ultimately helps to prevent hair breakage while also saving me time.  Speaking of saving time, a great and powerful hair dryer is beyond important for those of us who just can’t air dry.  I am obsessed with my Super Solano hair dryer.  A hairstylist told me about it while I was on set years ago and I haven’t turned back since.  It dries my hair in half the time of other dryers and I don’t believe I could have my hair this long with out it. Again, its a bit pricey but I’ve had this blow dryer now for almost 10 years and it is still going strong… These tools seem obvious but they make getting ready faster, easier and your hair that much more beautiful.

Mason Pearson brush $170 available at


Tangle Teezer brush $18.51


Super Solano hair dryer $91.99 available at

4) Consider everything from the outside and inside.  So, one obvious thing to remember is to take your women’s one a day vitamin – healthy hair, skin and nails comes from the inside out (and don’t forget to drink a lot of water – it goes a long way).  Then remember to protect your hair from all that you and life throws at it.  This means applying products to damp hair that can protect it from all the heat styling you put it through from blow drying, curling and straightening.  And finally, use a product that can protect your hair from the sun.  We wouldn’t (or SHOULDN’T) forget to apply sunblock to our skin and the same should go for your hair…  Just one extra product can go along way to protect your hair from sun dammage and fading.


Kerastase thermal protectant $18.97


Redken SPF color extend $22.99 available at



MOMMA LOVES… the love motif

There is a quote by Elizabeth Stone that says: “Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to wear your heart on the outside.”  A friend of mine showed me this quote shortly after I had Max and it resonated so strongly with me.  The word love is so tiny compared to what it actually means to love.  One of my favorite trends is the use of the word love and hearts in both women’s clothing and accessories as well as in the kids market.  Now we actually can wear our heart on the outside… Here are my some of my favorite finds:


Charlotte Olympia shoes $1250 available at


Crocs boots $49.99 available at


Zara t-shirt $19.90 available at


J Crew kids sweater $69.50 available at


Wildfox t-shirt $74 available at


Gap kids t-shirt $14.95 available at


Old Navy kids shirtdress $15 available at


Shy by Sydney Evan $125 available at


Sylvia Toledano clutch $1650 available at


Mini Rodini kids leggings $32 available at


Old Navy skirt $8.94 available at


Sarah Chloe ring $98 available at


Old Navy dress $26.94 available at



MOMMA, PLEASE??? rock and roll clothes for the little ones

I must confess that I am addicted to dressing my son in Rock and Roll inspired clothes and I have been from the moment I brought him home from the hospital.  From the Sex Pistols, to the Ramones to Johnny Cash and Nirvana my son has rocked out in tees and onesies from some of the greatest bands in music history before ever hearing a note.  That said, when my doctor asked what I wanted to listen to while he was being born I managed to whimper, “ummm… the Rolling Stones?” and sure enough, he entered the world to Mick Jagger crooning Wild Horses moments later.  Its fun, playful and makes me smile to see him running around in his rock royalty tees.  Here are some of my top picks:


Rowdy Sprout t-shirt $38 available at


Junk Food t-shirt $25.59 available at



Sourpuss tutu onesie $31 available at


H&M t-shirt $9.95 available at


Zara t-shirt $17.90 available at


Rowdy Sprout hooded dress $38 available at


Little Rock Store hooded sweatshirt $27.90 available at


MOMMA NEEDS… the chic and tailored sweatshirt

This is not the sweatshirt of yore…  This is revised, tailored, comfortable yet incredibly chic.  Basically, a dream come true.  These sweats are different because they are shrunken, the sleeves are more fitted and there’s often something special, different and feminine about them.  Accented with lace, chiffon, a ruffle, studs, or just a great fit – this is something we should all have in our wardrobe.  Pair them with a skinny jean, a boyfriend jean, a legging or even a pencil skirt and these sweatshirts will not only feel cozy but you’ll look amazing too!  Here are some of my favorites:


Current/Elliott sweatshirt $138 available at


Clu sweatshirt $192 available at


H&M sweatshirt $39.95 available at


H&M sweatshirt $49.95 available at

C&C California sweatshirt $138 available at


Isabel Marant sweatshirt $680 available at



Addison sweatshirt $128 available at


MOMMA WANTS… the earrings

I am slightly obsessed with these Earrings – maybe because there’s a party in the front AND in the back.  The ear cuff is so major right now – basically its a cropped earring that extends up the lobe rather than dangling down and I have fallen in love with these ones from Maria Black. The post is actually as much a part of the earring design as the earring itself!  They’re beautiful and modern and the assed bonus, not too easy for little one to grab pull out!  The best thing is I could wear these with jeans and a tee as easily as I could wear with an evening gown to a wedding…