MOMMA ANNOUNCEMENT… sale happening right now!! is having a massive sale on Nununu right now! It’s one of my favorite cool kidswear designers – super soft, comfy and cute!  This stuff hardly EVER goes on sale so its a big deal.  go now, everything is on its way to being sold out – but you’ll have to fight me for what’s left!


the Nununu No! t-shirt and other iconic nununu pieces for a fraction of the price!


Nununu skull print yoga shorts $24 (down from $40)


Nununu Control Freak romper $34 (down from $57)

I could go on but I’ve got a sale to be shopping!



MOMMA’S BEST… style deals for under $150

Happy Friday everyone – thank you so much for checking out my new blog.  I thought it might be fun to start a feature on my top picks of the week for under $150.  Here you go ladies..


Zara shoes $99.90 available at


Top Shop dress $110 available at


Blank NYC jeans $88 available at


Zara jacket $99.90 available at


New Look cardigan $44.48 available at


Phillip Lim for target top $18.88 available at


Asos dress $39.16 available at

MOMMA NEEDS… the carry-all bag

It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom on the run or a woman who carries everything but the kitchen sink with you everywhere you go, women need of a giant bag to lug around all of our miscellaneous stuff.  From wallets, sunglasses, cell phones, our partner’s phone and wallet, sippy cups, a sweater in case it gets cold, cosmetics, snacks, tissues, wet wipes, diapers, ipads, keys, a bottle of water, I’m surprised designers haven’t put wheels on these enormous bags we’re labored with!  The problem I find often is these large bags are crazy heavy (due to the structure and hardware on the bags) before we’ve put anything in them!  No wonder we’re all walking around with chronic shoulder pain! Anyway, I am on the quest for the best carry-all bags that look cute, can carry all of our stuff (as well as that of our partners and children) and won’t necessarily weigh us down.  I must also note that the FEED brand bags are the brain child of Lauren Bush and the proceeds from the sales of the bags go towards feeding children around the world.  I am featuring one that will feed 50 children in India for a day but there are tons of options in different designs that will feed children in various places around the world including here in the United States.  So, here are a few of my favorite carry-all shoppers:


Feed bag $75 available at


Furla bag $695 available at


Zara bag $35.90 available at


Prada bag $2200 available at

michael by MichaelKors edit

MICHAEL by Michael Kors bag $280 available at



Zara bag $59.90 available at


Topshop bah $30 available at


Valentino bag $1995 available at (special note – I am obsessed with this one)


H&M bag $49.95 available at


Smythson bag $995 available at


Jerome Dreyfuss bag $410 available at

bonus shopper that I wish I had seen for my star print page…


Gucci bag $1150 available at


MINI-ME… boots

Here you go ladies – ankle boots for you and mathching ones for them.  Here are the little booties you and your little ones have to have!

First for us:


Isabel Marant boots $650 available at


Zara boots $129 available at

And for the little ladies…


Zara boot $55.90 available at


Cherokee boots $19.99 available at

and for the little guys (girls shouldn’t have all the fun!)…


Kenneth Cole Reaction boots $48 available at


MOMMA LOVES… the bat, cat and other animal prints (for us and them)

Inspired by Max’s trip to the pumpkin patch (in his halloween bat tee) I wanted to do a feature on animal prints.  I’m not talking about leopard print – I’m talking about actual prints of animals.  Miu Miu had a big hit a couple years back with a cat print which was featured on the runway on everything from jackets to shoes and now its a fun trend that is adorable on our little ones but equally chic for us to wear.  Here are some of my top picks, first for us:


Asos dress $39.16 available at


Topshop skirt $60 available at


Nasty Gal sweater $68 available at


Zara top $59.90 available at


Zoe Karssen pant $137 available at


Charlotte Olympia shoes $695 available at

and of course, for them…


Gap dress $24.95 available at


CWD Kids sleepwear $23.99 available at


H&M shoes $12.95 available at


Gap leggings $12.95 available at


H&M dress $14.95 available at



OshKosh B’gosh leggings $11.49 available at


Mini & Maximus sweatshirt $68 available at


HM cardigan $14.95 available at


Old Navy shirt $12 available at


MOMMA NEEDS… the star print (this time for us)

A few days ago I posted about the best star prints for our little ones, but I kept coming across great star print option for us so I decided that our kids shouldn’t have all the star fun!  I LIVED in my Wildfox star print deconstructed sweater throughout my pregnancy and the months following Max’s birth because it was cute, comfortable and hid my baby weight so well. They actually still make the sweater which is amazing for me because I’ll get a 3rd winter out of it!  Furthermore, Saint Laurent (formerly known as Yves Saint Laurent) actually showed a star print cardigan in the Fall 2013 collection meaning the star print is not only cute, comfy but also on trend.  Here are some of my top picks:


Wildfox sweatshirt $128 available at


Saint Laurent sweater $1052.03 available at


Jeffrey Campbell sneaker $212 available at


Equipment blouse $260 available at


Zara dress $35.90 available at


Frankie B jeans $174 available at


River Island romper $32.04 available at


Generation Love sweatshirt $176 available at


Jimmy Choo clutch $995 available at


Nishe dress $88.99 available at


MOMMA TIPS… must have in the kitchen

Ladies, if you are like me you may think your days of entertaining at home are over.  You may think you’ll never be able to properly make home cooked meals for your family again.  A few weeks ago I got myself a slow cooker and my life has changed.  While Max is napping or after he’s going to sleep I just chop up the veggies and then when I’m ready I quickly sear whatever meat I’m using toss everything into the cooker and depending on the recipe and the settings I choose in a couple of hours dinner is ready!  I make huge batches so I can freeze portions for future meals and now, I feel like I can feel stress free when inviting friends over for dinner.  Sure, it may not be gourmet, but winter is coming and who doesn’t want a hearty stew?!?!  This thing is amazing and if you don’t have one and you miss proper home cooked meals I highly recommend it. This week I will be using my slow cooker to make beef stew:  beef cubes seared, tossed is the cooker with beef stock, a can of pureed tomatoes, chopped up onion, celery, carrots, potatoes, 2 bayleafs, salt, pepper, paprika, oregano and then just leave it to cook baby!  I make a batch of rice and my husband and toddler can not get enough!

MOMMA PLEASE??? color blocking for the little ones

The color blocking trend has been around for ages now and is showing no signs of going anywhere.  Those amazing bold pops of colors sometimes tonal, sometimes completely contrasting, are so illuminating and eye catching.  Of course, eye catching goes a long way since we’re keeping an eye on our little ones at all times, and the fact that color looks so darn cute on them makes this trend a must have for every kid’s wardrobe.   One part high fashion, one part Punky Brewster and 100% adorable here are some my favorite colorful pieces:


Old Navy cardigan $12 available at


H&M shoes $17.95 available at


H&M leggings $9.95 available at


Old Navy sweater $16 available at


Tea Collection dress $35 available at


H&M jacket $34.95 available at



Converse sneakers $32 available at


Splendid one piece $68 available at


American Apparel sweatshirt $26 available at

MOMMA KNOWS… fun nail appliqués

So, who among us has time for a manicure these days?  I will try to get to the nail salon once a month for a pedicure but manicures have fallen by the way side…  Its the drying time (they just take forever to properly dry) and then, with the insane amount of hand washing that goes on with having a child, they last about a day and a half.  Well, these nail appliqués are a dream come true!  They come in all kinds of fun designs inspired by all the crazy manicures the celebrities have been sporting on the red carpet, at award shows now E! is featuring a genius mani-cam which allows a close up glimpse of the star’s manicures and there are some incredibly creative designs happening!  Everyone from Zoe Deschanel to Katy Perry are rocking some amazing manicures and now, so can you.  Furthermore, you can do it pretty quickly in the comfort of your own home without the drying time and, hold on to your hats ladies, they can last a week – sometimes longer!!  They are essentially stickers for your nails that you apply, file down to fit your nail length and voila – you have a super fashionable manicure! Here are some of my favorites but check out all the options – there are SO many fantastic designs that will have all the other mom’s at the park clamoring about.


Essie stick-ons $9.99 available at


Formula X stick-ons $15 available at


Sephora stick-ons $5 available at


NCLA stick-ons $16 available at


NCLA stick-ons $16 available at


Sally Hansen stick-ons $8.59 available at


Sally Hansen stick-ons $8.54 available at


MOMMA NEEDS… the motorcycle boot

I know a lot of you might might think motorcycle boots aren’t for you.  That was my initial thought… But they are truly one of the most solid investments I have ever made.  Shortly after finding out I was pregnant with Max I ran out and bought my Jimmy Choo motorcycle boots.  I was freaked out about how I was going to look fashionable as a stylist, yet comfortable while running around on market appointments and on photo shoots.  I think I wore them every day of my pregnancy (up until about 8 months when it got too hot and my feet got too swollen) and every single day women would chase after me to ask where I got my boots.  Now, 2 years later, I still believe they are one of my best purchases and as fall approaches I have them out and ready for another season of wear.  They are STILL current, stylish and in great shape (the great thing about these boots is that a little wear and tear only adds to their look).  Ladies, these are a MUST have for every wardrobe.  They are so easy to throw on with leggings, skinny jeans for a trip to the park, the pumpkin patch, or a dinner out.  Here are some of my top Motorcycle picks:


Jimmy Choo boots $1195 available at


Zara boot $99.90 available at


Frye boots $268 available at


Aldo boots $150 available at


River Island boots $80.09 available at


Asos boots $97.89 available at


Fiorentini & Baker boots $650 available at


H&M boots $49.95 available at